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I have a large affection for my backyard. Outside my front door are the bright lights (and an amazing view) of downtown LA. Outside the backdoor is a little garden of eden nestled in the concrete perimeters of Echo Park.  Recently, my neighbor and I made some farm boxes.  It started with an herb garden that I planted last  summer in this small nook.

Unfortunately, after a month long journey to other countries, the herbs did not survive.  So, this time with the help of my neighbor the herbs got moved into pots where we planted lots more!!!

Everytime I walk into my backyard to get herbs I get so happy! It really is the simple things.  We have basil, mint, thyme, oregano, sage, marjoram, dill, and chives. The next step was a farm box.  There was some old wood lying around that was aged just so lovely. ( I wanted to make a table out of it for my front hallway, but the project was a bust. Boo. )We cut it up and it became the first little farm box.

The box became to small so we decided to make a bigger one! This time heading to Home Depot to get 2  1×12. Cutting them into 4 feet each making a 4×4 box.  So easy, if you have a saw, drill,and some screws. We transferred the tomatoes into the bigger box…one didn’t do so well with that transfer, poor guy.  We added in some pepper plants and a cherry tomato plant.  The small box became filled with romaine, strawberries, and sugar baby watermelon.  I also have some marionberries growing in a pot, although those won’t blossom until next summer. I know summer is coming to an end in most of the country, but I feel like it hasn’t even started in LA yet.  Perhaps this is a project for next summer! I love the little garden. Even if we only get 8 tomatoes!



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  1. August 9, 2011

    This is what it’s all about. Starting small and reaping the rewards! Well done to you! That mini harvest of tomatoes will be the tastiest in all LA!

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