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I have been trying to experiment with the photography for the blog. So, its a bit all over the place right now…kind of like me. I have also been watching a lot of Barefoot Contessa!  I got some amazing fruit at the farmers market on Sunday. How can one resist a fruit called a cotton candy pluot? I went overboard and bought lots of fruit in order to make this crisp.

Now, I tend to experiment sometimes and make it up on my own…if it is a recipe that can manage that. Crumbles or crisps I feel can stand it. I pretty much made up my own measurements and it still turned out great. I also substituted lemon juice for orange and it gave it a great tangy and tart flavor. It was perfect to use lots of whip cream to compliment that!

But for those of you who like to follow the rules, here is Ina’s recipe.




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  1. September 7, 2011

    Mmm… Goo is goo…and with the traditional ice cream to accompany it, all the better. You’re just on the other side of Sunset, so watch out for a window sill snatcher!

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