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I like classic dishes. I like to make up my own twist on classic dishes. No brainer kind of dinners! It’s easy to spice up your burger with ingredients you have on hand!

3 way sliders with homemade hamburger buns!

Let’s start with the buns!

Since, I was making sliders I made smaller buns as well. You can freeze them if you don’t eat all of them!

The first burger was just a classic burger with cheddar,pickle, and siracha mayo! It’s that little burger in the back in the first photo.

Recipe for siracha mayo:

Carmelized onion and blue cheese. Pretty simple and pretty tasty!!!

French Tarragon burger with dandelion greens! My favorite one…I LOVE tarragon.

Now, you may not have tarragon and dandelion greens on hand. I had bought these at the farmers market and came up with the idea on the fly.  You can do any herbed mayo (rosemary, thyme, sage, cilantro) really and any kind of lettuce (romaine, arrugula, butter).

receipe for tarragon mayo:

I also made a homemade mac and cheese with what was in the house. I used penne pasta and sliced them in half instead of macaroni noodles.  Here is my made up recipe!



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  1. September 14, 2011

    I totally agree. Sometimes the best thing you can do as a keen cook is simply have great storecupboard ingredients so that when you need to, you can simply ‘spice up’ key elements such as Burgers.
    I’m glad you chose burgers, because they are such an underrated meal. Yours look great, and the mac looks excellent. I like your style!

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