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I have lost a little bit of inspiration the past few weeks. Work, yada yada, you know. I was driving home from work super late the other night and drove past the Eastside Market and Deli in my neighborhood.  I have been told about this place, but never actually sourced it out.  So, today amongst my lack of inspiration and boredom, I took my butt to the gym and then I decided to take my butt to this Italian Deli for a sausage sandwich (a wise choice in order to counteract the gym).  I thought it might help to get the juices flowing…a little sausage, (that sound bad). The deli is situated within walking distance to my house( but of course I drove) in a neighborhood on the border of Echo Park and Chinatown. Now, I have either read or heard that Chinatown use to be Little Italy in LA. I love this kind of stuff! I especially love the history of LA being that it doesn’t really go back that far…therefore it is kind of hard to find. My neighborhood is booming with it, and I have been wanting to explore it.

I wasn’t even sure if it was open when I pulled up.  The deli is in a residential area, so not a lot of traffic, but I walked in and boom…there was a line and tables filled with people.  I felt like I had hit the jackpot! There wasn’t as much of a market as there was lots of bread and meat.  I ordered the sausage with peppers and cheese smeared in tomato sauce on a large deli roll.  This place reminded me of the Italian places on the hill in St. Louis that my dad loves so much! I came home and scarfed it down with tomato sauce all over my hands and face.  It was a refreshing change to the tacos,thai,vegan, raw, and on and on food of LA!



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  1. Turnip #
    September 29, 2011

    That sausage looks wounded…but delicous!

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