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I don’t really get into holidays and I certainly hate dressing up for Halloween. However, I have been surprising myself the last year with my holiday enthusiasm. Fall is upon us now, even here in LA with rain on the forecast, and I am loving it. Its the nostalgia really that is getting to me…every year I miss the fall in the midwest. Yesterday, I started to wonder why mother nature gave us such a beautiful season? I suppose its an easing into winter and the last bit of sanity before hibernation. Socal offers a few traits of a midwest fall. Sometimes there are fallen leaves on the ground, gloomy mornings and evenings, rain, and of course I can always tell by the way the sun hits my face. I can’t quite explain that one, but I have noticed that the change in sun since my second year living in LA. Anywho, for some reason the changing weather has put me into nostalgia mode and in turn has me just a bit inspired for all things halloween. Its the creepiness vibe I like (doll heads)…I even watched some Twin Peaks last night to instill the mood.




Source:                                                Source: Country Living

Source:                                       Source: Confetticgarden.tumblr 




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