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In most of the country, summer has come to an end which means most people have probably abandoned their gardens for the winter. Here, in LA she keeps on singing…and we get 90 degree days in October.  The tomato plants didn’t do so hot this year in my backyard. Luckily, the guy at the nursery explained that it was a bad year for tomatoes as we just didn’t have a hot enough summer (maybe a hot enough october?). Phew, I don’t feel so bad now.  I decided to try some new veggies for the fall to see what happens. I planted arrugula, red lettuce, broccoli, string beans, green onion, garlic, shallot, rhubarb, purple carrots, and a mystery plant that I am not sure what it is! The sun really has changed in the backyard and it is only getting a few hours a day. So, far so good, but we shall see!

I did a little DIY and made these signs to display what the plant is and what kind of sunlight and water the plant needs.  Now, the garden looks like grandma’s garden!

I also bought this compost tea at the Sunset Nursery.  I was super excited to feed all my plants with it!



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  1. Donna Goodrow #
    October 13, 2011

    Love the pottery for the sage plant!

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