to do. to see. to hear. to love

Remember the scene in The Color Purple (god, i love this movie) where Nettie teaches Celie to read by attaching words to objects around the kitchen. Well, I had this brilliant idea to do just that trying to teach myself french.  Now, if I actually ever get around to doing it, that might be a miracle.  My lists are getting bigger with ideas, projects to get done, errands to go buy the things to get these projects done, amongst the real life things I need to do, oh and work.  The one thing I have been doing however is cooking. I seem to have more mishaps then triumphs with my cooking, but I keep getting back up and doing it again.  Sigh… So, i thought how do i turn this around and face the reality of my cooking… and blogging. It’s just imperfect and I figure better to embrace that side of it…gladly.  Maybe I will write more about inability to be patient and the cause thereafter.  Anywho, that means food posts to come, but I have lots of holiday craft ideas a brewing! I can’t wait until I get the motivation to do them!



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