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So, I am still working on those New Year’s resolutions…slowly but surely.  However, the one thing I have done from that list is get a dog! I GOT A DOG…YIKES! I kind of rushed into this one and it just happened (with a few moments of sheer panic). Everyday I fall more in love with this little dude.  He keeps me company, keeps me on my toes, and makes me smile a whole lot through out the day!! …and we are working on that separation anxiety!

Everyone has a different comment about his looks: chewbacca, werwolf, an old man,scruffy, the flying dog from Neverending Story, Scottish (thats my fav so far), human eyes, and just plain old cute. People love him when I take him hiking…and I somehow take away this proud demeanor as though I had anything to do with him being cute.  I can only imagine what happens when you give birth and your kid is cute. I hope mine aren’t ugly.

So, I thought I would share some photos of this new little man in my life. I certainly hope he isn’t the last man in my life, hahahahhaa! Yikes!

 This is Wylie with his hair in a mohawk.

Wylie with all his new toys from his aunties and cousins!

This looks like a good spot, yeah. As long as my bone is there.

What are you trying to tell me Wylie?

I like to bury things with my nose.

And ride in the front seat (is that legal?)

OF course, let’s not forget the princes…LOLA!



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