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So growing up, sugar was not a deprived item in our household. One of my favorite memories was making donuts on Saturday morning with my dad. Now, these aren’t from scratch (that is on the list of things to come), these are from Pillsbury biscuits. You know the ones that you have to pop open like champagne.  I am not much for processed food or packaged food, kind of makes me feel like a cheater using them in this post. But this one is more about the nostalgia of being a kid on saturday morning, hanging with your favorite man in the world,  dad!

Pick your flavors for your donuts and put the toppings in a paper bag. Of course, there are a number of things to do here. You could make an icing or just keep it simple. The paper bag part was my favorite as a kid, it was all part of the interaction.

I used some vanilla sugar that my sister made me (isn’t it cute!) and added some cinnamon to it. I also did icing sugar and cardamom and sugar.

Next you will want to make your donuts out of the biscuits. Again, I don’t really like processed or boxed foods…and I accidentally bought the biscuits with fake butter added. I could taste the difference. Stick to something simple.

Find something round to cut your donut holes out. I used the lip of a bottle. It was the only thing I could find that was the perfect size…kind of a treasure hunt in the kitchen!

Fry em up in some oil…

And shake em up in the brown paper bags! The best part…besides eating them!

And there you have easy donuts. I can’t wait to try the real things….soooonnn!!!!



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