to do. to see. to hear. to love

it is sunday. and that usually means brunch. at home or at a restaurant. breakfast is one of my favorites, and the weekend gives you the excuse to enjoy it in a chair not on the run!

here are a few treats i have made over the last few weeks.

1. chipotle breakfast quesadilla. inspired by a bobby flay recipe. (check out a shoot i did with him last year here. ) add some chipotle powder, garlic, bacon, and salt and pepper to some hash browns. add some cheese to a tortilla and and egg on top! yum!

2. beans.eggs.and toast.i mean, how can you go wrong? add some salt,pepper,cumin, garlic powder, and cream to a can of pinto beans on the stove. grill a piece of bread and top with the beans and an egg! done.

3. gluten free pancakes. i used bob’s red mill gluten free pancake mix. i added sour cream to make ’em moist. ( i hate that word). i topped it with a simple butterscotch sauce! good lord. oh, and just a dab of whip cream.

4. campari and prosecco. i added orange juice and simple syrup to cut the bitterness of the campari. and a lemon ice cube. inspired by my trip to italy last year…i am missing that trip like crazy.

i think i am going to make some eggs and beans now. happy sunday!!!!!



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