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Last night I had the urge to get rid of all the macrame and hippy knick knacks in my house and move onto a victorian gothic vibe. ( ok, waaaay too much downton abbey) I think there is a lot of emotion behind the inspiration in my house. I have always been in love with native american, bohemian, and rustic looks, but after the OVERLY dramatic year I had, I feel the need to move on from the things I use to like, the things that use to inspire me…to purge it all.  However, you can’t just change overnight. We evolve…constantly. And it’s slow…as I am experiencing,although, I wish it would just “happen”. So, I guess I will slowly start collecting new knick knacks and slowly purge the others. Even though when I get an idea…I WANT IT NOW.

I still love macrame though. And wood. And nature.  And all that hippy stuff. So,here is a post inspired by all that stuff.

I bought some driftwood ( i know it’s kind of weird to buy driftwood, makes me feel like a cheater, but whatever) at Moskatel’s in downtown LA. It is owned by Michael’s, but they sell lots of fun things like, this driftwood. (Michael’s might have it).  I was just using it as decoration and then got a bug up my butt to paint on them. I have also been obsessed with anything gold. So, gold paint and wood…walla! All you need is some painters tape and a brush.  The middle piece I wrapped with jewelry wire. Not sure you really need a tutorial on this…but you get one anyway!



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  1. Donna #
    March 1, 2012

    I definitely needed a tutorial on that! I’m serious!

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