travel italia

it has been almost a year since i took off from JFK to Madrid. shy of a week.

i think about this trip, no joke, every day. it’s like i ache for it. i ache to go back so bad. there was just something that resonated with me so much on this adventure. something that sank deep down. i can’t quite figure out why.

truthfully, there is a part of me that feels like i went on this trip alone, even though i didn’t. i think i was living in my own head. some of my favorite moments were with my headphones on, sitting on the train in-between cities in italy, just thinking about the people that lived there, what their lives were like, and how come i couldn’t live there. america seemed sooo enormously big while i was traveling and made home seem a little overwhelming and not so “quaint”. there is just so much history, beauty, and detail in everything.

there is also my wanderlust, i do get an itch if i stay in LA longer than two months to jet off (currently daydreaming of everywhere possible) i enjoy being a foreigner. i enjoy being like a kid in a candy store. i enjoy seeing things for the first time. i enjoy history and food and culture. needless to say, there is something about being out of my element where i feel the most free, the most in love with life, and the most happy.

i was having lunch yesterday with a photographer i work with and we were sharing stories of our italy trips of 2011. i have been thinking about posting about each country and finishing where i left off ( and reposting ) as the year anniversary comes up.

i have been to europe 4 times. i still don’t know what it was about this trip…perhaps the diversity of culture or the amount of time i was there. i could have kept going, too. regardless, it was an epic time that i will always burn a hole in my heart.

i can’t wait to travel again. i mean I CAN’T WAIT!

i get scared because the older i get ( 32 in a month, yikes!) the more i am ready to settle down, but i have this fear that the wanderlust in me won’t die with that. how do i do it all? marry a rich foreigner i suppose! currently, taking applications.

italia destinations:

milan, florence, tuscany, siena, rome, cortona, monte argentario, numerous tuscan towns, venice, trieste


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  1. what a great way to feel about LA! it really such a great city!

    i use a canon rebel t3. it is my first dslr, and it was the cheapest/best on the market. at least i think. it’s a good little camera. but i am no expert by any means! i myself strive to be a better photographer!!

    i am really happy you love the blog! thank you!!

  2. wow. gorgeous. wanderlust is in my blood. i’m not sure i’ll ever settle down. life has taken me to a point where going to L.A. is like traveling like a foreigner. i love being a tourist in my native town.
    can’t wait to see where you head next.

    anyhow, i love your blog. what kind of camera do you use? i need to get better at photography.

  3. love love love Italy and have had the pleasure of living there on and off for about 10 years. i consider it to be the happiest place on earth, even though they are in the worst part of the European down turn, the italian still love and laugh, eat and drink and then eat some more. now that makes me hungry just thinking about it! love the photos you have captured very intimate moments , very special;-))

  4. Yes! You see, this is the kind of article that takes you the location and for a moment lets you peek into a potential experience. Brochures fail to effectively appeal to me so having someone else describe in such detail goes a long way. Been meaning to check out this part of the country. Thanks for the sneak peek!

  5. I had just turned the ripe old age of 38, when I quit my job and left everything behind and travelled solo via train through Europe. So never age age be a barrier for your dreams. Once you get to experience the pleasures of travelling, it never dies and your craving keeps getting stronger. It was the best experience ever and I learned so much about myself. Italy by far, was the highlight of my journey. The people, wonderful culture, music, art, scenery, history and fabulous food is only the beginning. An absolute must for any would-be-traveller. Thank you for sharing your story and beautiful photos. Good luck!

  6. I’m currently studying abroad in Italia and -seeing as there is no such thing as dryers- have that exact same drying rack! Lol, i’m glad you enjoyed coming here, it’s a beautiful country πŸ™‚

  7. I’ve been to Italy several time and actually studied Italian Cusine in Tuscany. I am Italian American and for some reason feel that I belong in Italy (just like you). In 2010 I spent a month there travelling around in a car and visiting agriturisimos in just about every town from coast to coast. It was a wonderful experience, the Amalfi was just breathtaking, Venice a adventure, oh the cusine of Bologna, the mountains of Tuscany and the vineyards. Apiz was just great everyday for lunch and Capucinno all day long not just for breakfast!!! I want to live there, if only I could (my family would have to be there to). I teach Italian cusine here in the states and have a great following – just started blogging so check me out at cookingclassebytina. Your blog and pictures are truly belisimmo!

  8. Its funny i didnt take any pictures when i was in italy…..its all stored in my head…very beautiful country. Thanks for sharing your pictures it took me right back although it was about 10 years ago!

  9. Your photos are beautiful…and so are you sentiments on traveling. I enjoy being an observer of something that I’ve never had a chance to actually take part in. It’s a freeing experience, traveling.

  10. I asure you, this wanderlust never goes away. It is part of you…and will refuse to be quiet for as long as you live. Even after you get married and have a family, it will always be there within you.

    My husband and I went on a 2 month road trip, with our toddler in tow, last year; taking our time traveling to the Florida Keys in our 40 y/o VW van. It was an experience of a lifetime! It’s been hard to sit still ever since.

    Now, we are planning another big trip and we’d love to go to Italy! Rather we’d love to move there and bring our daughter up in a rural setting; rich with history and the simple life. The only problem we can see from where we’re sitting is how to get our van there. : )

    Blessings for your future travels! Great shots btw! I enjoyed your ‘little Italian tour’. Thanks so much for sharing.


  11. This post caught my attention immediately, because I’ve been trying to find some good posts about Italy or traveling in general. A lot of the places you have been are on mine and my husband’s shared “Dream Big List.” Thanks for sharing these pictures – I look forward to seeing more as you continue your travels. ~ Tiff

  12. You sound a lot like I felt a couple years ago – also coincidentally 32 at the time. I quit my job to travel, but after three months road-tripping around the US, my wanderlust had dissipated and I never got “abroad,” which was convenient because I had a bunch of job offers at the time and buckled down to that. Now I’m ready to travel again and am trying to figure out how to make it a part of my life while still staying relatively “settled.” Blogging about where I’ve been seems to help with that, but I’m itching to get back to new adventures, too. Maybe it’s partly “spring fever” – ready to get out and have some fun! Anyhow, if you get the whole thing figured out, let me know!

  13. Seeing this post has got me dreaming of Italy as well. I’ve been lucky enough to visit Rome and Venice and would love to get back there.

  14. I want to use the coffee cup and sit in the courtyard with the urns. Beautiful reminder of living while you travel. Hope you find your rich foreigner or somebody who has been bitten by the same wanderlust bug. πŸ™‚

  15. Wow!I love your photos!I can see in them the tue and pure essence of my state. =D

  16. Amazing pictures-thank you for sharing. Your pictures were wonderful-they made me experience the sights, scents, and sounds of Italy while reading your Blog on my laptop. I would love to travel to Italy-both of my parents were born in Southern Italy-I have never been. One of my dreams is to travel all over the world (Italy included)-there is so much beauty, History and culture to see-every place in the world has amazing unique things to explore. In reference to your photographs-The scenery looks remarkable-the water is breathtaking-the desserts and food look extremely delectable and delicious-I cannot wait until I get to travel.

  17. It’s so refreshing to read something as different as this, and as honest. I completely understand your craving to get back to foreign lands – there’s something incredibly inspirational and freeing about stepping foot onto unknown territory.

    I’m laughing at your request for a rich foreigner because I’m currently living in Thailand where I see this played out every day. Thai women call their white boyfriends (they are all presumed rich) sponsors, which seems to be quite accurate!

    If you have any luck with your application search, do me a favor and send a few of them my way πŸ˜‰

  18. I just moved back from Europe a few weeks ago and I have a lot of moments like these too! I miss it a lot, especially those quiet moments on the trains…I love your pictures; they’re beautiful!

  19. These photos are beautiful! They make me feel inspired and excited about my upcoming trip to Italy.

  20. 32 is almost an child in our world today. Settle? For what? You are out on the journey and experiencing more than 99.99% of the planet. I have been in your boat and I stopped for awhile to smell my own roses. Now I know the truth is to be out on the journey and seeking only what your intrinsic and insatiable curiosity follows next. You are producing something that benefits us all and you have a natural courage which makes your travels seem so fluid.
    Stay the course and continue to pen this excellent introspective work.


  21. I really enjoy looking at excellent photographs taken by an amateur. Professionals tend to focus too much on the technical and symphonic aspects, and have often times long forgotten what it was like to get excited about simple perspectives.

    Great shots here. Great shots indeed.

  22. Great read! I have a sabbatical coming up next year and will be spending 5 weeks in Eurpe including Italy. I love the diversity and depth of the pics you took. In terms of your wanderlust, keep spreading your wings, perhaps you will meet another kindred spirit who will want to share a life of travel, adventure and your definition of freedom.

  23. I often tell my friends who are doubting or tired of the dating games to do what they love and they will meet amazing people who share their passion. This applies in my experience to finding great friends and a partner. Great travels to you too!

  24. Yes, yes, yes! You describe my feelings about Italy perfectly. I went for the first time over Christmas and never wanted to leave. I was equally as inspired and moved by India. Two radically different countries and cultures, but both are full of beauty and passion.

    I hope that you find yourself on a plane to Europe soon!

  25. I love what and how you wrote this post πŸ™‚ I find myself in almost every line – the ‘itch’ for travelling, for seeing new places, cultures, people, for being a foreigner, as you said it. I hate it that my life currently divides into University and holiday; I’d love to have the chance (and money) to take my time and travel whenever and wherever I want.

    And I love the picture with the clothes-lines πŸ™‚ β™₯

  26. Absolutely! I too take pictures, from my iPhone 4 and then use my iPad to re-edit them through a series of apps. It’s fun isn’t it? πŸ™‚

  27. well, any motivation is generally good motivation, right? glad i could encourage that! i have to admit these are just from my iPhone. i play with the colors. but for me its all about composition and taking lots and lots of pictures to get a few good ones!

  28. thank you! that was taken in tuscany at the farmhouse we stayed in. the owner was so lovely and we keep in touch. her place is the majority of the charm in this post and in my whole experience!

  29. i did take the photos, but i am not a professional photographer. i just love taking pictures and just recently got my first dslr! i am a wardrobe stylist so i do work with photographers a lot. i am glad you could relate to the post. i bet that is a pretty good 80’s cd! i love 80’s music!!

  30. You’re most welcome, to me however they are more motivation for me to sharpen my photography skills in the hope for these results πŸ™‚

  31. I love Italy too and want to go back. I can relate to listening to headphones while traveling from city to city on the train. I still have the tape (it was in the 80’s went I went) and now I have the CD. Now when I play that CD,I am reminded of my trip. When I saw the passengers on the train, I wondered what their life is like, or what it is like to live in the cities we passed through. Very nice photos too. Did you take the photos? You mention you work with a photographer.

  32. I’ve neen dying to get back to Italy. My wife and I went there with our 14 month old daughter, who is now 13 years old and getting ready to enter high-school! My how time goes by. We hope to head to Tuscany and Provence this summer, this time with two kids in tow. We can’t wait. There is just something about the sound of foreign languages, the ringing of church bells, outdoor markets and hilltop villages that makes me wish that I could explore every country in Europe.

    Thanks for sharing your photos and bringing back the memories!


  33. Every one of your photos captured the “ancient country” feel of Italy…the aspect I like the most. When I went to Europe for the first time in 1980 for a job on a ship fate had arranged that the very first place I went out of hundreds of thousands of possibilities would be….the birthplace of the only grandparent I knew…my dear Sicilian grandmother…Messina…I rented a Renault 5 and tooled around. Felt like I was born there and a very significant part of me was…so thank you for warming up that memory…I have not seen anything of Italy Herself and hope that fate has something equally warm in store for me there….no….I pray…Amen.

  34. Wonderful post! I too am affected by wanderlust, and I get restless being in the same place for a few months. I love the photos! The photo of the patio with the ceramic jugs is beautiful.

  35. I have been here 17 long years! But, despite all odds, I love LA. And I do travel a lot. I have three dogs and it might be interesting for you to know that most European countries (and most countries now) do not require quarantine anymore as long as the animals have all the shots. Now, work is another matter….Cinecitta’ maybe?

  36. These images are so beautiful! I would love to travel to Italy. And the image of the washing lines across the passage of water. Just how do they do it?!

  37. Beautiful photos that tell a great story. You are definitely not alone in the magnetic pull travel has for your heart.

  38. These photos certainly showed the side of Italy I miss most from my backpacking experience. I suspect you were much like me and enjoyed the trails and cute humble sites over the large grandiose landmarks that everyone tracks to see.

    cheers – Bobby

  39. We’ve been armchair traveling to Italia via DVDs and books–doing that “someday destination” dreaming. These pics capture the everyday side of life. Love the laundry line one!
    Blue Skies,

  40. Your post describes exactly how I feel. I went to Italy in 2009 and fell in love with it, when I came back I felt something was missing. I wasn’t as happy here and missed Italy as if it was home. So two years later, in January of 2011, I sold everything, quit my job, packed whatever was left (two suitcases) and moved to Italy! I lived in Rome for a year, and have just recently come back to America. Needless to say, I feel again the craving to get up and go! I love being in the new, learning things, seeing new places, new people, having little adventures everyday. AAhhh I just want to say, you took the words right out of my mouth! I completely understand what you mean about settling down and having that fear that your spirirt/soul will never be able to! I’m about to turn thirty in a few months and sometimes society makes me feel like there might be something wrong with me! But I tell myself, Nooo, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get up and go, why not? If we have absolutely nothing holding us back?? (as I assume you don’t either) nothing keeping us from what makes us happy! Anyway, just wanted to let you know how happy your post made me, it’s nice to find people I can relate to which is very hard to! Thank you!!

  41. Ciao!

    Loved your photos and reading about your longings for Italy…. so why don’t you move there? I did and it was the best thing I’ve ever done! If you want to read about it, I’m slowly writing about it and posting some of the 1000s of photos I took there so check out my blog:

    Life is short and ‘la dolce vita’ is waiting for you πŸ™‚ In bocca al lupo!

  42. awesome pictures! i would love to go to Italy… i went to London this past summer and i found out that i love EVERYTHING about traveling.

  43. Now I’m daydreaming about going there. What fantastic pictures. I myself hate the city. We live in a small town in B.C. away from the city but close enough to visit and shop. I much prefer the country life and it’s so beautiful here. We’re surrounded by mountains and sometimes they seem so close I can touch them!! I always wanted to go to Italy but I have 4 kids so it’s not as easily within reach. It looks very beautiful and you captured it in your pictures. Congrats on being freshly pressed and keep traveling:)

  44. thank you! the majority of the photos were taken in tuscany at the farmhouse we stayed at. but here is where in the order of the photos starting from the first one:
    tuscany, siena, tuscany, cortona, venice, tuscany, rome, tuscany, tuscany, monte argentario, tuscany, tuscany, tuscany, tuscany, florence!

    hope you get to visit!

  45. oh, have fun in turkey! i went to madrid on this last trip as well. i will be posting about it soon. i loved that city, much more than barcelona!

    and yes, i am currently awaiting my next trip!

  46. started off in milan for a night. ( i really liked it and would have stayed longer). we then stayed in an old farmhouse in tuscany between florence and siena. we traveled all around that area hitting lots of different tuscan towns. we also went to monte argentario(on the coast) and rome for a night. we then took the train to venice and then onto trieste. i liked trieste better than venice as i am not much for the super touristy stuff. trieste is a good compromise to that. naples is suppose to be amazing and i have always wanted to go. anywhere on the coast too! italy is a small country, but endless in the places to visit. i don’t think you can go wrong anywhere!

    the old farmhouse was so charming, that is where the mirror picture was taken. the owner is wonderful and we keep in touch! i have been to a few other places in europe as well if you need more suggestions on where to go!

  47. i love this story! the unassuming always gets ya! i love france as well and hope to have the same kind of experience there as i did in italy! been a few times to paris…but i want to do the countryside!

    thank you for your words!

  48. ha! i am pretty sure it was real. we stayed in a “real” neighborhood in venice. no tourists around that area! i did really want to go to naples, but it was too far of a drive. my great great grandfather comes from a small village between naples and rome! next time for sure!!! thank you for stopping by!

  49. i am not sure there is just one. i love the language, the food, the scenery, the highways, the way men dress, the auto grills on the side of the roads, the coffee shops. the list goes on and on! thank you for asking!!

  50. i love this advice! i live in LA as well! i am dying to live in foreign country. i just need to figure out what to do with work and how to get my dog and cat there! how long have you live din LA?

  51. Beautiful photos… Italy is one of my favourite places that i’ve been to & I can’t wait to go back…

  52. These photos are just wow! I only wish I can do the same for my site, which is to give readers a magnificent experience through nice visuals. Great work!


  53. As a foreigner (Italian) transplanted to LA, with a wonderlust that did not die down, here is how you do it: move to a foreign country that will keep you entertained for a long time to come and make sure you partner up with somebody who doesn’t share in your wanderlust but does like the occasional travel. Go on vacation with her/him once a year to a locale you both enjoy, then reserve your right to one solo vacation a year as well. Pick one of the places your partner wouldn’t go to and have fun. Skype helps. A modicum of trust is necessary….

  54. What you need to do is marry a guy in the Airforce! Lol, I’ve lived in Spain for 4 yrs and now England for almost 4 and then we’re returning to Spain again! I love Europe, I never want to move back.

  55. Wow! I am glad that you had such a wonderful time! I hope to return to Italy as well. When you go back, try to visit Lucca and Bologna. I still need to visit Cinque Terre. There is an excellent enoteca in Cortona. If you missed it, here it is:
    BTW, if you do not already speak Italian, Rosetta Stone is an excellent Italian program.

    Buona fortuna! Ciao!

  56. Love your pics. I know exactly how you feel. I went to Italy in 2010 and I miss it, and other parts of Europe, so much.

  57. Wow, I had to do a double-take on a few of those photos – they looked just like pictures I took while in Italy in 2009. I just love the Italian aesthetic, and you’ve captured it beautifully. Viva Italia!!

  58. I love love love this post! Ahhhh… the memories of Italy that you’ve captured make me want to go back… everything from the old rustic home, the country road, the pottery, the lace window dressings, the color of the buildings, and even the lady in the window… Italy at is finest for sure!

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane!


  59. I promised myself I will! It’s one of my top destinations, and my lifetime dream! I actually wanna live there someday. πŸ™‚ Nice pictures, by the way! I hope you can stop by my site too. I’m trying to fill it with travel stories from places I’ve been to. πŸ™‚

  60. You’re neglecting the South, you might find some real fresh-laundry hanging out the windows, not just some put there for turists πŸ™‚ Hope you consider this on your next trip.

  61. Every single paragraph in this post feels like I could have written it myself. Seriously… each and every one.

  62. I miss Italy so much! After wandering around, it’s hard sometimes to be home and not know how to legally get back haha. I’m currently recounting my backpacking trip in Europe, too. Oh nostalgia! How you make for such a muse!

  63. These are lovely pictures! And I’d love to visit Italia one day! Some day! Also, hear hear on your musings. I think we all have that desire to travel…more like explore and discover places you never thought existed. That feeling of excitement being a “foreigner”. I love that feeling too. Also I love traveling alone. I enjoy it more than with a group. I have done it a couple of times and planning on doing it more often. Great post and congrats!

  64. My husband and I spent two weeks on our own in Italy in 2007 doing it on a budget and meeting the locals. We stayed in a small inn in Venice and on a farm in Tuscany. Fantastic! Italy was my choice and my husband only accompanied me because he didn’t want me to go alone. It was a foregone conclusion that I would love it but my husband was so enamoured with everything Italian that he cried all the way home and hasn’t stopped talking about our trip there since.

    We have since been to France which is an extension of our own culture being both QuΓ©bΓ©cois but it can’t compare to Italy!

  65. Wow! Where in Italy did you go? A friend of mine and I are looking on going to Europe, and all of your pictures are gorgeous! I especially like the one with the broken mirro and the reflection of the shoes!

  66. Amazing! So many people see the sites. Been there, got the picture. You see the lives and what makes Italy such a wonderful place filled with human beings. Thanks

  67. Beautiful photos, & I loved, loved, loved your story! My oldest is in the Air Force and will soon be stationed in Italy. We will most definitely be visiting him!

    Thanks so much for sharing & congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  68. i’m totally with you on the wanderlust thing. i feel like my days are spent just waiting until my next trip (turkey in july!). i’ve been to europe four times as well, and i think every day about those trips, especially my last one (to madrid!). you’re not alone! lovely photos. πŸ™‚

  69. Those are beautiful pictures. I want to visit and I just want to where about exactly in Italy are those pictures taken from? I like the community feel!

  70. Great pix. I understand your longing.
    I’m Canadian and about 8 months ago my boyfriend (who’s Irish) and I sold everything we had in Canada, packed up what was left and moved to Italy. I’ve been writing about it for my friends back home. If you’re interested you can read about our Italian adventure at

  71. Reblogged this on My Fantastic Life and commented:
    Oh Lordy you know how much I love travel and how excited I am about Italy? Well reading this blog let me know that are many more kindred souls out there with wanderlust. Oh, and the photos just make me want to go that much more!

  72. Fabulous!!! What a wonderful eye for beauty you have! I take photos for my magazine and newspaper columns but now you have inspired me to Get Creative! Thanks for sharing! ;D

  73. Italy is one of my favorite countries. You have been truly blessed to witness an amazing culture. Travelling is the best hobby in the world. Enjoy and do share details. πŸ™‚

  74. You completely captured not only the sights but the feel of your trip in your shots. I can feel that longing to go there even though I have never been. Italy is the country I have always wanted to visit. The shot with the boots under the rocks is very interesting. The long gravel road makes me wnt to start walking now! And the Arches are Fabu!!! Well, they are all great! A well chosen Freshly Pressed! Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚ AmberLena

  75. Beautiful pics…visited Italy last year and, as always, had a super time. Rented a villa near Fivizzano and made daily visits to as many places we could. People, food, sights…it’s all there for the waiting…
    Thanks for sharing your memories!

  76. i love italy, i’ve visited the place some years back and the first thing that popped in my mind is ‘gelato’.. congrats on being FP..

  77. So interesting to hear that you loved so much Trieste. I go often there, because is very near and they have one of the best coffee bar in Trieste in general; an old renovated bar from the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Even Croatia is nice, especially Dalmatia with its sea or their capital Zagreb. Yes, Slovenia is a lovely trip especially for foreigners, as they say. They love it very much, because is small, green, has fresh air, good food,…. We have a few hours from mountains to the seaside, even many thermal resorts, a nice small capital city Ljubljana,…You’re welcome when you go on your next trip πŸ™‚

  78. lovely blog and very nice pictures. It’s great to visit new places through pictures and nice blogs like yours. thanks for sharing!

  79. Hi there, you captured the simple things and authentic moments of the European lifestyles. Markets, the kitchen, a walk in the forest… I can feel how much you enjoyed it and share you excitement as I have been doing this for the last 12 years. I have been leaving in three different countries and it doesn’t get boring. I am a kid in the candy store every day! Don’t fear about your age, the 30s are beautiful and free. You might end up meeting someone during one of your trips like I did and keep on going together πŸ˜‰ Come back soon for a visit!

  80. Your photos are gorgeous. I would love to travel to Italy and see all it’s wonders. I definitely understand what you mean about wanting to go back to a country because it was so incredible. Good luck in getting back soon!

  81. beautiful words…i almost felt i was reading my own thoughts. that ache to set off is so strong sometimes i am not happy doing anything else…
    by the way, if u love immersing yourself in foreign culture you should definitely try India sometime. you’ll love it, i promise!

  82. Italy is my parents’ homeland, and I have been to some of the cities you visited – fabulous pictures! You certainly have captured the personality of the places you visited!

  83. Great blog! I love Italy so much, I completely understand when you say your heart aches! Out of all the places I have been, it is still number one for me πŸ™‚

  84. i took the bus from trieste to split, croatia. we had to go through slovenia. it looked like a lovely country and i wish we could have gotten off the bus! i loved trieste! one of my favorite places in italy!

  85. rained most of the time, so maybe i’ll get some sunny ones. my grandfather grew up in a mountain village in south-central italy, called santa menna. not sure if i spelled that right. there are about 50 families there today, and about 5 of them have my last name. that’s where i’d like to go.

  86. Thanks! I’m leaning toward Italy because my best friend lives there. Budget wise I don’t have a lot. I’m saving though. Hopefully I’ll have enough to travel with by November.

  87. well, i suppose it depends on your budget and where you live. if you are wanting to go to europe and have never been, i would start with england, france, and italy! you can’t go wrong with those three! hope that helps! let me know if you have any other questions!

  88. Never been to Italy, but your musings about being out of element and feeling free definitely resonated.

  89. We went to Italy (Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre, Pisa, Rome) in 2008. Italy is the only place I’ve ever gone where I didn’t want to leave. I was ready to just find a job, become an expat, whatever. I really didn’t care if we ever returned to the States. Love your pics. It pays to have a great camera and a good eye.

  90. I enjoyed your photographs and can see why you can’t wait to return to Europe. You have a wonderful eye. Thank you for sharing.

  91. Great photos. I heard from someone who used to live in Italy, that a common light meal in Italy is a bowl of olive oil with bread (you dip the pieces of bread into the olive oil).

  92. I feel like you and I would be best friends. Unfortunately, I am neither rich nor a foreigner so it could never work…

    Loved the pictures- thanks for sharing!

  93. I LOVE all of your photos but my favorite is the one with the clothesline. My dream vacation is a month in Italy and you just made my wanting to go there so much worse! Lovely pics thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

  94. Great and lovely photos! I’m several years older than you and believe me, you’ll never lose that yearn to travel. I’ve been to several countries and I still have that adventureous spirit within me, it will never die. Great post and have a great weekend!

  95. Very nice photos and mood! I live in Slovenia right on the border with Italy (5min away) and I also
    lived in Milano for half a year. Italy has a special charm indeed:)

  96. Wonderful blog. I’m 70 years old and STILL love to travel and Italy is definitely our favirite. My wife and I have been to quite a few places over the world including the Middle-East but Italy and Spain rank as number one and number two. Irland is a definite 3rd. I would encourage everyone to enjoy the adventure of trave. One note–If you ever hear that people in other countries dislike Americans, don’t for one minute believe it. While spending a week in Paris, we had the great opportunity to interact with many residents. They were extremely nice and welcoming. Same for Jordan, Same for Canada, Same for England, Netherlands, Belgium, etc etc. Been there and I know. They don’t like our government but then again, do you really like our government right now? TRAVEL-TRAVEL-TRAVEL.

  97. This post left me breathless when I saw it. Just this afternoon, I have spent 2 hours with my travel agent trying to “nail” down my first ever trip to Italy. I kept thinking this was so impossible and maybe it was a sign that I shouldn’t attempt to do this alone. Maybe I should wait another year until a friend could join me. But where will I be in a year? What if no one is still able to go? It terrifies me and excites me all at the same time. Thank you for this post.

  98. These are wonderful! Makes me really miss Italy (I lived there for 6 months in 2007). I can’t wait to go back and photograph my way through all the beautiful cities!

  99. Just lovely! Augh. So jealous but so jazzed for you all at the same time. Those narrow little streets with peeks of sunlight take me right back to Cadiz, Espana! Ole!

  100. i went to florence a few years ago. all the pictures i had were on a computer that crashed, and i had no back up. dammit. now i have to go back. of all the luck.

  101. I think about my time in Italy every day, too — it just tugs at my heart. I was there for six months in 2009 and can’t wait to go back. Wish I could live there.

  102. I totally sympathize with you. I also start to get stir crazy when it’s been too long since I’ve traveled. I’m jealous though – I still have yet to go to Italy!

  103. Italy is the first place I want to visit right after Ireland and England and maybe Scotland. Have no interest in Germany, Spain…..thank you for sharing. They are perfect examples of why I want to go there.

  104. Hi there! I’m with you on this one, I live in San Fran and love it but my heart LIVES for journeys to other places. The cultures, landscapes and everything else are just indescribable. I spent 6 months abroad and miss is every day! I can’t wait until I can get back. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful photos and reminding me I’m not alone in the travel itch πŸ™‚

  105. i used to live in europe for years and have visited many cities in europe before. i think i know where that feeling of yours come from, i feel more or less the same. you captured things that most tourists / foreigners don’t do: life, more than just captured famous landmarks. great job!

  106. Great way to journey down memory lane. I like the way you stylized this post. I like your use of all lower case, except where you used all caps for emphasis, and I like that you’ve centered the text, giving a soft feel.

  107. You captivate the love, longing, and need for travel that so many (myself included!) hold dear to their hearts. Thanks for putting it into words. And, of course, the pictures are lovely!

  108. These pictures really capture the essence of everyday life, they reminded me of home (Panama) back in the old days. Especially the clothes line. so authentic and real. Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  109. These photos made me so happy!! They really capture the essence of Italia and are just wonderful to look at. Before I got to the last one, I was wondering if there would be one with someone in the window. That is Italia at its finest. And the one with the clothes line was just brilliant! Love this!!

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