to do. to see. to hear. to love

this week is a bit harder for me to post. i had to wake up at 3am today to catch a 6am flight to shoot a commercial in ohio. strange, to leave LA to shoot a commercial in Ohio. the clothes i have been pulling however, have been so much fun to find! 80’s hair band for girls and guys. more twisted sister stuff…but still it beats doing enormous pulls at target! makes me like my job all the more!

which brings me to a fashion post. my friend donna asked me to do more fashion inspiration on the blog. it’s true, i do wardrobe for a living.  i love clothes and fashion and love to find inspiration, but i rarely post it on the blog.   i guess  most of what i post about are things that make me happy when i am not working,  that are hobbies.

here are a few things that i have been loving lately.

socks with shoes

collars and sweaters

brim hats

holes in your jeans, yo!

1.the sartorialist 2.olive-loaf 3. the sartorialist 4.steven alan 5.claire’s 6. missmoss 7.gypsygardens 8.gypsy gardens 9. ashleyording



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