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sooo…this is a pretty simple smoothie. i was more or less just inspired to take pictures and post when i started crushing the cherries and their juice splattered like paint. and there this post was created. i had a ton of cherries and some bananas and had been dreaming about making them into a smoothie all day. so, i did!

for the rest of the week, i shall disappear from the blogging world, as i am giving myself the week off.

i will be sitting by the beach…  hopefully, not developing a burn which won’t be hard as tropical storm debby is here for a visit. hopefully, she doesn’t stay too terribly long.

7-8 cherries

1 banana

1/4 cup greek yogurt

water (or some kind of milk if you like)

you can also add dates or honey for sweetness

blend on high speed with some ice cubes to make it cold!


i also made this with mangos instead of cherries…super yum!


i love walking into someone’s house and my curiosity begins to soar.

i love walking into someone’s house when it evokes a feeling.

i left skip’s house last week and was back within 5 days, photographing his world. really, he was my inspiration for this new series.  skip was kind enough to just let me go for it, while his guitar playing accompanied the photo session.  sitting on skip’s porch evokes such a peaceful high, especially at sunset. one of the better spots i have been in los angeles.  his studio is situated above a single family home in the hills near hermon, monterey hills, and garvanza, which are considered subdistricts of highland park. this is one of the things i love about skip… as we were driving to get some food (the oinkster and fusion burger! yum and yum! and two different days mind you), in his “skip” fashion, explains to me these historic regions. being intrigued i did some research (as i am completely fascinated by the history of LA). garvanza was named for garbanzo beans that once flourished there. it was also generally considered the birthplace of the arts and crafts movement of southern california, along with pasadena and south pasadena.

 i think you can tell a lot by a person and the things in their house… what their aspirations are.their passions.the things that they are curious about.  books tell a lot, art, the way things may or may not be strategically placed. i like design, i like tidy spaces, but what i like the most is when the placement of each item is art in itself, yet more than likely…unintentional. that’s what i felt photographing skip’s studio. his passions, knowledge, and creativity have always been intriguing. if you know skip, you love skip.  he is truly, a one of a kind soul…

thanks a bunch skipper!! i will be taking you up on that offer to hang anytime on that porch of yours!

Skip Haswell b.1976, on the Beaver River, PA
son of a cop and nurse
two older sisters
many nieces and nephews
lives in LA
climbs mts
works hard on other peoples movies


patchwork craft fair (our booth set up)

my lovely/dirty neighborhood

work and too many polos

my ONE marionberry that turned purple!

squash and tomatos

those sweet animals that live with me

i don’t have a food post for you today. haven’t been cooking that much lately…but busy doing lots of other stuff. although, i did attempt risotto for the first time last night…certain i would be blogging about it today. it wasn’t bad…it wasn’t great either.

i deleted myself off Facebook, but got back on instagram. i realized, i could only handle one social network at a time. now, when driving around LA, i notice people taking photos with their iPhone…i am pretty sure they are going to upload it to instagram. oh, our lovely addictions as a society. if you want to follow me you can @sunandglory.

it is june gloom here in LA. which means, gloomy mornings. kind of a joke after spring blooms and summer like days. now, we must wait until july.

i head to florida with my whole family on saturday. counting down the days!!! looking forward to humidity, salty air, ocean waves, family, and food! oh, yes…oh, yes!

i was hanging out with my friend skip yesterday, another kindred creative spirt and good friend.  skip, is a super talented artist and just a great person. i so much enjoyed walking around his studio, perched up above the hills in highland park, looking at his curiosities and art, all while the California sun shined through the windows.  i find comfort in other people’s creativity, especially when it is on display in their home…part of their daily life…because it is just normal to live that way. no questions asked.  it inspires me and makes me feel, frankly, less alone in this creative mind/world.

 this morning, while lying in bed,  i decided to try and start a new series for the blog about creative spaces.  my friends seem to be inspiring me left and right lately, and it makes me so happy! i want to bottle it up!  so, from time to time i want to start photographing peoples art spaces and homes. just as they are.  sure, this is being done on several blogs out there…nothing new and inventive. my friend donna recently commented on my curiosity, and well, that is what it would be based on i suppose.

in the meantime, while i get skip to let me back in to take pictures and start on a few other friends i have in mind…i will share a few photos from around my house!

…and this is my house clean. right now, it is not!

haven’t been cooking much these days for the blog. between traveling, visitors, craft fairs, work, side projects, and ultimate life contemplation… just haven’t been all over it like i was.  i still feed myself, just nothing spectacular to photograph. i have been ditching my weekly dose of barefoot contesssa too.  i did make this soup though. simple, tasty, and healthy.  healthy…is always on my mind these days.  i was inspired from a martha recipe and added a few ingredients myself.  it is kind of somewhere between pho and mexican soup. you be the judge!


2 chicken breasts on the bone

2-3 carrots

1 white onion

2 garlic cloves

4 cups of water

1-2 cups of quinoa



green onion

1 tbsp salt and 1 tsp pepper


boil the chicken breasts with the carrots and onion, chopped up, with 4 cups of water. add the salt and pepper. probably need to boil for about 45 minutes…or until the chicken is done.  take out the chicken breasts and shred the meat.  discard the carrots, onion, and garlic from the broth.  cook some quinoa and add to the broth with the shredded chicken.  garnish the soup with as much cilantro, lime, green onion, and sriracha as you like! add more salt if desired.

i think tofu or shrimp would make a lovely soup here as well. just use vegetable broth as the base.


the magpie bird is of the crow family and are believed to be one of the most intelligent animals. in the UK, the magpie has been associated with an urban myth of being collectors and thieves of shiny objects. although, there is no evidence in wildlife studies.

magical, mystical, myth.

this photo shoot my friend laura and i cooked up in about an hour…and i am kind of obsessed with it. it all sprang up with some feathers we found downtown and laura’s beautiful handmade jewelry she brought with her. i am simply in love with the creativity we both threw in, the styling, laura’s beauty, our pagan inspiration, and that we did it on a whim. continuing with laura’s veil and hidden mother inspiration and art, she wanted to disguise her face. i also loved  when she  threw in her “what if i eat the chain and then vomit it up?”

this kind of  combined inspiration doesn’t come along often and it is my favorite kind!  i am sort of savoring this post and can’t seem to narrow down the images. i also, can’t wait to do more collaborations!!

model: laura shill

photos: annie rocchio

styling: annie rocchio and laura shill

the crystal and turquoise jewelry are handmade by laura. the clothing,chains, rings, and bracelets are of my personal collection.


man, oh man. another inspiring weekend/week. laura (my dear friend that we went to CO to see) was in town for the past 5 days doing a photo shoot with our other friend kate. it was such a treat to get to spend more time with the lady! a complete girls love fest complete with an actual girls marathon, a walking tour of downtown LA, the land art exhibit at the MOCA, photo shoots, and lots and lots of laughter. not to mention the night we watched new year’s eve, which might be the worst movie of all time, but totally worth watching for the sheer pleasure of making fun!

sunday brunch happened at my house and was an impromptu attempt on a whim! i made a spinach/goat cheese/herb fritata and cherry/banana/nutella pancakes with caramel sauce. to drink, orange water! it was simple, easy, and a nice little end to the weekend before we all headed back to our real lives. of course, kate and i found an excuse to order take out and watch game of thrones after taking laura to the airport…just not ready to end the sheer joy of good friend’s company. i am sad the fun is over, but happy to have had the moments of the weekend!

photos from laura and i’s little round about in downtown LA. we walked from my house. had lunch at grand central market. paid 50cents to take angels flight. sat in the park at angel’s knoll and admired butterflies. happy hour at umamicutessan. finished off at the MOCA for the land art exhibit. lovely.


9 eggs

2 garlic cloves

1/4 cup of white onion (or shallot)

spinach (as much as you want)


3 tablespoons of parmesan cheese

1/4 cup of goat cheese

variety of fresh herbs( i used basil, dill, thyme, oregano…but any will do really!)


i had bananas and cherries that were going to go bad…so, i decided to throw them in with some bisquick pancake mix. i added some nutella and made a caramel sauce because i was out of maple syrup! boom!

pancake mix (bisquick, gluten free, your own)

1/4 cup of cherries

1 1/2 bananas

2 tablespoons of nutella

recipe for caramel sauce here

for the orange water just cute some slices of oranges and add to the water squeezing some of the juice in! done.

 i have to admit i am not sure i ever meant for the blog to become so personal in the beginning, but it seems to be the direction it has taken. sometimes i just can’t help to but to share the happy, great moments when friends and love trump all. i can’t thank these ladies enough for having been in my life for so long, since 1997, still bringing so much laughter, joy, and inspiration to my life. i can’t wait to share the photo shoot laura and i did in my backyard… but here are a few silly photos from the shoot laura and kate were working on (me and the dogs tagged along to help)…of the three of us being completely, well,(insert subtle sarcasm here) cool.