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well, guys. i did it. i moved. although, sometimes i feel like i may just be on one of my weekend adventures, day by day i slowly start realizing this is my new home. especially, since all my shit is in this house. (which, will be posted about as soon as it all comes together!) i am living in a mix of country and suburbia…just more on the country side. i am not a huge fan of strip malls and fast food, but it seems that is to be my life for a bit. besides my friends, good restaurants seem to be my biggest grievance yet. it is going to take some research and work to find the good places, probably traveling to denver and boulder to find it. even then, i am not fully convinced yet. i am a food snob. although, a starbucks drive thru aint half bad!  what i can say though, is that it is beautiful here. the people are NICE, the men are handsome. did i mention the people are nice? because they are! hopefully, we can stay tuned for the “the men are handsome” part! wink wink!

sure, there have already been a few moments where i want to completely panic when i start to get the slightest bit lonely. i have to talk myself out of it and remember why i did this, and try to concentrate on the projects ahead. thank god for the two friends i do have here! my friend natalie came up for the day yesterday and we took a little walk in the “neighborhood”. i live next door to a saddle ranch. literally, next door. i can see the horses from my living room. i caught wylie shaking to the bone the other day when he heard them naying! poor guy, he is such a street dog.  it really hasn’t been that cold yet, but just enough to run the fireplace …everyday.  i open my back door,when the fireplace gets a little too hot,  to hear rushing water from the river. the leaves are crunchy, the coyotes are howling, and the coziness of it all is not forsaken.

we took a walk down the road which apparently, becomes private property once the road turns into gravel. we ran into the owner of the ranch no our way back, and she sure seems to run a tight ship! oops! so,basically the photos above are trespassing photos. it was worth it though, to see what is just down the road and up the hill. this rustic pasture and stable just sitting up there wanting to be gawked at. sometimes, the best ideas come from turning that corner or going over that hill.

there are so many beautiful and rustic things around the property. below are photos from around my yard and road. i can only imagine what this place looks like in the spring, or when it SNOWS!!!!

there are so many things i can’t wait to explore in the area and share with you all. there are many adventures ahead, much reflection, and new beginnings.

i am soooo pleased to announce the bohemian collective winter 2012 look book, mystic moon! laura,was so kind to ask me  a few months ago if i was interested in joining all these amazing artists to create a truly collective piece of work… and i of course jumped on it! the lookbook launched a few days ago, but since i have been in the car for two days and am now siting in a hotel room waiting to move in to my new home in CO, i haven’t had a chance to share it until now…and it has been killing me! please jump over and check out the beautiful photos, styling, and all the inspirational pieces available for us all. a sun and glory belt can be seen above on the cover! laura, makes it look stunning!

i am truly inspired to start making bigger and better pieces…i can’t wait to get settled in and get to work. more to come on the move. only a few minor freak outs!

the bohemian collective winter 2012 lookbook

I have never really been one to get into dressing up for Halloween, but I have always loved this time of year. It really does seem like life changes, not just the leaves or the mood, but some sort of major event that I must overcome.  Since, I am moving out of LA in a week, I wanted to host a small dinner party one last time in the backyard with some of my favorite people. I have been reading a lot lately about pagan and witchcraft and can’t seem to stop buying books on the subject. The prevalence and worship of nature in these traditions are the real motive behind my curiosity, as it is inspiring and a reminder of the beauty of our earth and the gifts she gives us.  I was inspired to decorate a pagan table display using things from around my house and perhaps to teach some friends about this old  holiday. Too often, we forget where our traditions come from.

Samhain, begins on the night of October 31 moving into celebration on November 1, marking the transition from the autumn equinox to winter solstice. To the Celtics, this represented the end of harvest and the transition from light to dark. The quite and silence of the dark became a time to reflect on new beginnings. Huge bonfires were burned to wipe away the past year, and new hopes were created for the next. It was also a time of fear, for no one could predict what kind of harsh winter awaited them. Families came together to use the rest of the harvest  to bake, cure meats, and preserve for the upcoming cold and dark winter months.

Samhain is also a time to reflect on the deceased kinfolk. After much research, I have found many different ideas of what this actually meant. Favorite foods of the deceased were set out for their spirits so that they may revisit their past lives. Carved out turnips were the first jack-o-lanterns and were set out with a light to attract these spirits while the scary faces were carved to detour any spirits unwanted or with ill intentions. Apples were buried along roads to guide the spirits home. Boys and girls would also put on disguises and roamed around pretending to be the dead spirits or some say to scare them away. Fairies were feared as it was thought they would come and steal people away, so people wore their clothes inside and out or carried iron or salt. Another tradition is noted in Ireland where a man would wear a white sheet carrying a cow skull while youngsters followed behind blowing into cow horns while they went from door to door. At each door, they would recite versus and the owner of the home was expected to donate for the Samhain feast. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Once the Christians came to bay, they interpreted these traditions into what we now know as Halloween and All Saints Day.

The feast was often based on the sacrifice of animals and a whole lot of drinking from the harvesting of grain.  Obviously, we did no such sacrificing, but i did make beef bourguignon and mashed potatoes. I also made a lemon & parm pasta for the veggies, a salad with truffle oil, and pumpkin and chocolate shortcake for dessert! Friends contributed as  well and brought bread, salad, roasted squash, and a gigantic chocolate cake! We truly feasted on all of this yummy goodness. We also threw back a quite a few bottles of wine!

For the table, I used my favorite knick knacks from around the house. Skulls, bones, crystals and gems, feathers, harvested plants from my yard, candles, vintage tablecloths, tie dye napkins from this post, and let’s not forget the raccoon tail. At each place setting I set a tarot card. Now, I will admit I do not know much about how to use the tarot cards, and I hope I did not respect them in anyway. I just find them so beautiful and mystical and would love to learn more. They were the perfect topic of conversation as we all studied what each card represented together. Somehow they randomly suited each person, without any intention on my part or the patrons choosing their seats.

The moon was so bright this night and I had the perfect view of it for part of the dinner. Although, the photo is not the best, her prescence was bright and strong. As I have learned more about this  traditional Celtic and pagan holiday, I can understand why this has always been a transitional period in my own life. It has more often than not marked an end to something or a major grievance in my life, sparking the challenge of change or mourning.  Fitting, as I say goodbye to my ten years in LA and venture off to a new rural world.  One where I seek transformation and new beginnings.  The seasons speak to us in ways we forget to recognize. Our ancestors knew how to respect this. Perhaps we all still feel it, we just need to open ourselves up to the idea more often in this modern world ruled by technology vs. our beloved nature and mother earth.

you can also check out this posts over  at bohemian collective. thank you to laura for letting me guest post!

my research was done through:

the wiccan year

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before i became a blogger, before i was a Facebook addict, and cable addict,  back in the time of friendster and myspace…i was a music junkie. i spent hours searching the internet for new music, listening to that music, getting lost in that music, and stalking concerts. that music was my comfort, my “boyfriend”, my best friend. it gave me something to escape into, identify with, and something to always make me feel good.  i don’t spend as much time searching anymore. i still obsessively play a song over and over, but those songs are intermittency replaced with NPR or the satellite folk rock channel on my tv. i guess, i am getting kind of old.

over the past few days i have been listening to old playlists of my favorites as i am packing up my memories of LA.  these songs seem to be the only thing to get me emotional about this change, otherwise it just feels like i might be moving down the street. nothing seems real yet.  i know, when i am in my new house, i will ask myself “what the fuck did i just do”. i just hope that is a brief moment! fingers crossed. and don’t worry, you will be sure to hear about it all over the next few months. it will be interesting to see what kind of blog posts come out of this move!

these songs take me back to the different era’s within the last ten years. remembering everything good about my life, everything and everyone I love here! music has always easily transported me back to a certain time, place, person, feeling. sometimes so…a little too much.

i always had the intention to do more music posts on the blog…it just got pushed aside by food posts! maybe this post will inspire me to do more of that, or perhaps, it is just a way to have a playlist to listen to when i want to transport myself back to LA, my friends, my memories. the songs are in the general order according to date of obsession from 2002-2012. it is certainly not a ten song playlist, more like an epic two disc soundtrack…the soundtrack of my life.

donna g- most of these songs go out to you!

click on the blue link to listen to the tunes on spotify

2002-2012 farewell LA

1. yo la tengo- today is the day
2. mojave 3- between the bars
3.blur- out of time
4.broken social scene- cause=time
5. gorillaz- DARE
6.neil halstead- martha's mantra
7.the magnetic fields-smoke and mirrors power- crossbones style of horses- our swords
10.french kicks- trial of the century
11. andrew bird- fake palindromes
12. billy bragg/wilco- california stars
13. beach house- tokyo witch
14.kings of convenience-  misread
15. matt pond PA- new hampshire
16. feist- how my heart behaves
17.daft punk- make love
18. my morning jacket- wordless chorus
19.dead meadow- at her open door
20. brightblack morning light- amber canyon magic
21. tortoise & bonnie prince billy- love is love
22. midlake- we gathered in spring
23.beirut- postcards from italy
24. black mountain- no hits
25.benoit pioulard- corpus chant
26. beach house- 10 mile stereo
27.jens lekman- pocketful of money
28. my morning jacket- golden
29. the notwist- consequence
30.bon iver- re:stacks
31.tapes n tapes-in houston
32.vetiver-luna see
33.electrelance- to the east
34.sun kil moon- truckers atlas
35.neko case- hold on hold on
36.neil young-hey babe
37.yeasayer- 2080
38. whiskeytown- jackson skyline
39.the middle east- blood
40. mount erie- between two mysteries
41.neutral milk hotel-king of carrot flowers pt 1
42.junip-dont let it pass
43. grouper-heavy water
44.lightning dust- antonia june
45.phosphorescent- wolves
46.cocorosie-smokey taboo
47. warpaint-warpaint
48.kurt vile- peeping tomboy
49. the lord dog bird-the gift of song in the lions den
50.local natives-warning sign
51.the antlers-i don't want love
52.rihanna and drake-whats my name
53.ray lamontagne- i still care for you
54.bahamas- southern drawl
55.others lives-tamer animals
56. karen dalton
57.jonathon wilson-desert raven




i will start this post off with a big thank you to wordpress for freshly pressing my last post on the marie antoinette party! thanks to all the new followers and thank you for all the comments. i apologize that i have not responded to those comments. things have been a little chaotic and busy these days!!!!! i shouldn’t even be spending time posting on the blog, i have so much to do!

it is getting down to the final countdown, the nitty gritty, the final moments in LA. the movers come in 11 days and i have barely even started packing and have to get ready to sell ten years of my life in LA this weekend at my yard sale! on top of that i did an amazing dinner party the other night (a fun and exciting post to come!) and am having another small dinner party tonight for my closest friends here in LA and THEN there is a going away party my lovely friends are throwing for me. yikes yikes yikes! so much to do!

but this post…this post is about the last ten years in LA. photos of my favorite people and moments, and this certainly isn’t all of those people or moments.  now, i hardly ever post pictures of myself and frankly, it is probably boring to almost all of you, except my friends that read the blog and might have a highlight here! regardless, this is an homage to my friends, LA, the ups and downs, the triumphs and failures, the excitement, and my dreams.

ten years is a pretty long time, yet has flown by as if it were 3! i moved to LA when i was 22, bright eyed and full of dreams.  i have met some TRULY amazing people along the way, and some real assholes too, but hey it is hollywood. i have some of the most talented friends in the world and feel incredibly lucky to have met these people on my path! we all came here to do something- to create, and that took courage, bravery, talent, and dedication.  it warms my heart to think of the support and love these people have given me over the years. it makes me feel proud when i think of the creative endeavors i have taken on with these people.  even though i have seen some friends come and go, some move out of LA, some fade out of my life…they are always in my heart with their memory.

now, i have certainly had my fair share of loving LA, of hating LA. LA would have been nothing if it wasn’t for these people. they were my family, everyday single day i was here. these photos can barely even dig into the adventures, laughter, crying, happiness, cocktails, trips, creativity, dinners, hikes, sadness, hard work, and love.  they only represent the surface.

there is so much i could say about the past ten years here, but how do you put ten years into one blog post? you can’t. i can say that i am proud of what i have accomplished here. proud of the people i have met and kept in my life. i love you LA. i love you my dear dear friends.

“Are you a lucky little lady in The City of Light
Or just another lost angel…City of Night “-the doors, LA woman