a colorado steak dinner


this past weekend was filled with food and silliness with some of my favorite people! sunday, we spent the day on the colorado homestead working on a photo shoot for sun and glory ( behind the scenes to come soon!). that evening we turned on the super bowl, looked at the photos from the shoot, got silly, ate a big dinner, played yatzee, and had yet another dance party. on the menu: filet mignon, potato nests, salad with avocado dressing (a donna special πŸ™‚ ), and for dessert i made cupcakes and an almond grapefruit cake (both of those recipes to come soon on the blog!). donna’s birthday is on valentine’s day and even though we celebrated the night before at oak at fourteenth in boulder, i couldn’t help but to make treats! i love entertaining at my house and having everyone around my table. maybe one day i will get an actual dinning room table that seats more than 2 people! maybe it will even be in a dinning room! there was something cozy about sitting on the floor though, especially with these guys!

PicMonkey Collage4winePicMonkey Collage8ZySUMuLDcTiWwTinGQrjTpbASy9WkPIPYfi10Gh5epkPicMonkey Collage3lunapic_136017175982005_1PicMonkey Collage5F7knjszaFT6Qgdu7GXpH_GvWIRxziIBqX4pdlxh1wAst0YdI7z32Tnc1pdxXlUqL_Oc9P98krASZQ6nT58RZwwPicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Collage1IMG_4102

thanks zach driscoll, for sharing photos for this post!

photo credit: zach driscoll, photos 4,6,7,13,14


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3 thoughts on “a colorado steak dinner

  1. Dinner is so much more delicious when it’s with people you love! Oh and served with cheesy potatoes….that helps too. Thank you for such a great trip, Annie. Love you always.

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