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the snow falls

a  little playlist from some of my favorite songs that are currently on repeat. the snow is suppose to start falling this afternoon and continue until tomorrow. generally, the forecasters around here can’t make up their minds, but coming from LA, where the weather people just needed to look pretty, they have a larger task at hand. from time to time i really miss LA (just a side fact and probably a post to come), but i admit i am looking forward to getting snowed in. it’s all part of this extraordinary experience. you see, i can’t get out of my driveway if there is like more than 1 inch of snow. my dad claims i can’t drive in the snow, which might be true, regardless, i will head out today to stock up on supplies in case the next few days wylie and i must hibernate in the neighborhood. i have been working hard on the shop update, it seems there are never enough hours in a day. i have surrendered that it won’t be done until the end of the week. i can’t wait to release it! i have plenty to keep my busy in what feels to me like it will be a blizzard, but to the locals -reality.

jenny o…automechanic

the ruby suns…closet astrologer

lucius…don’t just sit there

corey chisel and the wandering sons…fixing a hole

icona pop…i love it

gregory alan isakov…idaho

gregory alan isakov…light year

gregory alan isakov…master and a hound

kaki king…my nerves that committed suicide

kaki king…spit in back of my mouth

jonathon wilson…tomorrow’s child

click on the link above to listen in spotify




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  1. February 20, 2013

    I’m jealous. Send me some snow! I’ll check out your playlist…

  2. February 20, 2013

    love it! Getting snowed in gives us permission to be still or do just what we want.

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