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securedownload-1 this is the journey i will be following the next two weeks:

>>>leaving denver… in the car.

>>>a day in st louis to drop off wylie boy at his grandparents and a quick visit with the fam.

>>>off to NYC to help a friend art direct her new line of beauty products and eat oodles of good NYC food and galavant around like i live there (which i pretend to do when i visit NYC)

>>>then it’s off to LA for my birthday weekend and some california sunshine.

>>> back on an airplane to st louis for another small visit with the fam.

>>>and finally back in the car with wylie boy to drive back to the colorado homestead.

3 weeks later we get back in the car and head to LA for a few weeks to do a wardrobe job.

i may or may not be able to post while i am away. i am so excited for my trip, but also have some fun posts too!! Laura mazurek from roots and feathers and the bohemian collective will be doing a little guest blogging!! Thanks laura! Happy to have you!

i hope everyone has a wonderful few weeks.

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PicMonkey Collageergq IMG_6637 IMG_6610i have discovered the fun of flower arranging. there are some very talented modern florists out there these days and i constantly find them inspiring. like the ladies of frolic and  emmersonmerrick. (both of whom do classes if you live in portland or NYC)  i am always falling in love with their work and it makes me want to fill my life with flowers (something i need to do more often).  i was inspired to a try a little of my own with simple generic flowers you can find anywhere. certainly, those grocery store bouquets could do for a little sprucing up. sometimes you get that bouquet of flowers wrapped in plastic and although the flowers are pretty, just putting them in a vase seems a little blah. here are a few very simple creative ideas anyone can do.

1.cut the flowers down to a small stem and place in a small vase or jar. makes a simple small arrangement. nothing fancy, but cute!

2. i think greenery goes a long way. you can find bundles of this at your grocery store or florist. baby’s breath is another favorite of mine! just a vase of that i think is pretty. or go out into your yard and look for branches with green leaves, twigs, bushes. i use to do this in california in the spring. lemon tree leaves are great. pine branches. a simple twig too. don’t underestimate the power of what is in your yard. you could just do a bouquet from that too!

3. is your jar too short? or you want to make the flowers bunch together. some fishing line tied right underneath the flower head will do the trick!

4. one of my favorites is grabbing a bunch of jars, placed down the center of the table or maybe a window sill and each jar/vase gets one or two flowers.


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i thought i would try a little something new on the blog. daily gems. bits and pieces of fun things from instagram and general adventures and moments around the house. it was super warm last weekend and today it is snowing again. i have been working a lot at the lodge, and getting ready for my trip next week. the family didn’t come out this week because of the snow storm….big bummer, but now i can catch up on a few things! although, somehow i am procrastinating on the computer! plants and thrifted pots

2. i can’t stop making orange coffee

3. wylie boy after a bath

4. air plants taking a tub

5. a hike down the road: devil’s backbone

6. on warm days, she likes to come out. another neighbor.

7. wylie and i went for a hike at carter lake

8. we saw the biggest herd of elk i have ever seen

9. view from the office yesterday with snow and don’t feed the bears sign

10. the office

11. more elk outside the grocery store in estes park

12. another shot from carter lake


yesterday, was the first day of spring. over the last few weeks patches of green grass have been popping up outside my front door. i am so excited to watch the rest of spring blossom.

in honor of this transitional time of year, a sun and glory sale is taking place!

45% off on all etsy items

25% off all items on the regular shop

use the coupon code SPRINGGLORY



things are picking up in my CO world. i took a job in estes park working at a lodge, and even if the pay is bad, i kind of like it! meeting travelers, getting out of the house, and a commute through the mountains meeting many elk along the way. it just makes me appreciate this adventure even more every day that passes.  still unsure where i will take myself next, today, things are good. next week, i have some family coming to visit and we will spend time in a house in the mountains. after that i am off to NYC, LA, and then LA again in May. i am nervous and excited to go back to LA, to be back in my old habitat will be a curious thing! i will also turn 33 very soon. thirty  f*ckin  three. excuse my language, that number shocks me.

i have also been working on this new blog, kaleidoscopes, i was talking about. now, i have yet to decide if this is something i will stick with, time will tell i suppose. do i want to manage two blogs is a question that often pops into my head? yet, i like the idea of keeping this one personal and the other a bit more broad focusing on other bloggers, products, and many categories of ideas. the new blog has a better navigation system, and once it grows with more posts, it will become a haven for a the 30 something lady looking to make her life and her families,  simple with easy ideas and beauty.  i would like to cross post and of course, have other bloggers do the same. i thought i would give my loyal readers here the first sneak peak at what has come to fruition so far. i still have many categories i would like to get started before i completely launch the blog, and that is where my lovely readers and fellow bloggers come in….i can’t do it alone!

if you have an idea you would like to submit for any of these categories, please send me an email. photography is very important here. dslr, no flash, natural light is crucial! i am looking for topics like fashion, interiors/exteriors, garden, travel, DIY, literary, kinship, music, knowledge(politics, news, etc). please send me an email if you are interested in submitting. also, as a side note, it will take some time to get this up and running with my busy schedule coming up ( a good lesson for me, because i often want everything to happen NOW!) please, do not be offended if i do not feel it is a good fit…ideally, i am trying to build this as an online magazine!

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 11.07.48 AM

check out the link below!

now onto the first new post for both blogs. i actually did a similar post back in the beginning of my blogging days, but i  love this simple idea so much, i decided to share again.

there is this restaurant in chicago called orange and they serve orange flavored coffee. once, i figured out how to make it, i often treat myself to this decadent delight.  we were having a few spells of warm weather last week and i had an orange just waiting to be zested. i busted out my moka pot (which i proudly found while thrifting) and made myself a cup of orange coffee. i opened the back porch door and sat outside sipping coffee and listening to the sounds of the river.

moka pots are an italian stovetop espresso maker. who needs one of those expensive foaming machines, when this beauty not only looks cute in your kitchen, it makes great coffee.  like i said, i found a used one, but you can find one online for under $30.

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to make:

untwist the pot. take out the coffee filter. fill the bottom with water and place the coffee filter back in. fill the coffee filter with your favorite ground coffee. add orange zest to the top. twist the top back on and place on the stove top to boil and watch it make a magical cup of coffee.


pickled eggs. it sounds weird, but damn are they good. i have wanted to make these since i saw their beautiful color online somewhere. the first time i actually had one was at one of the famous french dip places in LA, Phillipe. i wasn’t disappointed. so, one snowy afternoon here on the Colorado homestead, i made some pickled eggs.

i love eggs. i love them in every way possible, except raw…i have never actually tried that, but for some reason the thought of drinking raw eggs reminds me of that rocky scene, where he does so.

i actually had some pickled beets in the fridge from a little mom and pop place down the street from my house, colorado cherry company. this place, nestled into the base of the big rocky mountains, sells anything pickled you could ever want. they also make a raspberry juice that is to die for, and pies. they make pies too! it is just one of the many little gems in my country neighborhood.

i used some bay leaves from the tree in my old backyard in LA. i meant to harvest more before i left…it just seems so silly to buy them now, but i suppose one day i will have to again. i might still be in denial i don’t live in that house anymore, that i don’t have that california backyard anymore. sigh.

i also used different herbs from my inside mini herb garden. these would have been even more perfect if i would have gotten eggs from my dog walker and her chickens.

the color of mine did not turn out as purple as i would have liked. let’s not call it a disappointment, let’s call it trial and error.

spring is upon us, even if we still get snow here. one day you wake up to 2 inches on the ground, and the next it is 60 degrees. i can see green grass starting to pop up across the lawn. it has been so long since i have witnessed a spring other than southern california’s…which i don’t think really counts much to the rest of the country.

these pickled eggs just might be the perfect treat for easter!

PicMonkey Collagesjrsy IMG_5961


6-7 eggs boiled and peeled

6-10 beets, depending on the size

1 cup of beet juice (pickled)

1 cup of apple cider vinegar

1/2 cup of sugar

1/2 red onion

2 bay leaves

10 peppercorns

a few springs of dill and thyme

1/2 tsp of salt

boil your eggs and peel them. cut your onions.

combine all ingredients together, except onions and eggs and beets, into a saucepan and bring to a boil. simmer for ten minutes. place the eggs, onions, and beets together in a jar and pour the mixture over the eggs. place in the fridge for 48 hours. serve!

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IMG_1283this post is so long overdue…like so long. i finally got my hands on the photos from my going away party in LA. although, for some reason, it still doesn’t feel like goodbye. it could be because i am about to visit twice in the next few months. needless, to say i am so excited to go back and see my old friends, to be in the big cities, to eat at yummy restaurants,to go for a hike, to feel the california sunshine, to just see how it feels to be back in LA. i feel like i have grown a lot already in these few months i have been gone. that was the whole point. it will be nice to see how it feels to be back.

i miss my weird, crazy, creative LA friends. i am so in love with them. when i looked at these photos my heart was filled with so much love and so many memories. i saw my friends in a new light and appreciate their friendships more than ever, because i don’t have them at a moments notice anymore. the reality is, i spend the majority of my time alone here in CO. i took moments like this for granted while i was there. that might be one of the biggest lessons i have learned so far.

kate and stacy, two of the bestest, put this party together. they did the decorations and photo booth and coordinated others to bring fun stuff too! i love the map theme they used. perfect, for my adventure, and my love for maps. the signs are hilarious.  i actually do have a sense of humor, regardless of my sincerity on the blog… and man, so do my friends. we are silly and weird and well, i wouldn’t have it any other way. these photos were just a reminder to be more of that.

 the book everyone signed is one of the best gifts i have ever gotten (besides the purple chest my friends signed for me when i moved from indiana in high school).i didn’t read it until i was out of LA in the middle of Utah somewhere, and  i cried my eyes out. sometimes, i cant read it, because it makes me miss everyone so much. all their words made me feel more than loved. all their words mean more to me than i can describe.

i miss you my friends. i will see you soon!

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well, my sisters might hate me for this picture, but i couldn’t help myself. look at all that sleeve. seems to be all about my siblings this week. i must be missing my fam!

i caught the end of marie antoinette on cable the other night. i got stuck on ‘all the cats are grey’ by the cure.  it got me thinking about all the old tunes that got me through my awkward/ uncomfortable teenage years. actually, i am not 100% sure i have grown out of the stage yet.  my sisters were a big part of that, my bro too…not the awkward part, the music part. everything they did, i wanted to do. everything they were, i wanted to be. in high school, jennifer was obsessed with depeche mode, and resorted to wearing all black, even if she was a cheerleader. julie, was obsessed with tears for fears and jumped on stage at a concert and gave curt a kiss. she got carried off the stage by the cops.i pretty much thought they were the coolest! being so close to chitown growing up, they were often hitting up the big city for concerts. they even got backstage passes to depeche mode once.

my sisters were good to me. they took me to a plethora of concerts from new order, depeche mode, to veruca salt- to name a few. they would take me on excursions to the local and indie record store, hegewisch, where i would get lost learning the art of record store shopping. around 3rd and 4th grade, the girls drove me to school in their white merkur, packed in the backseat with their friends, listening to many a alternative albums. this little girl with all these high school girls- it made me just a little bit cooler.  that musical world became my comfort zone in my awkward teenage years. it gave me my identity, it gave me the courage to stand out amongst a sea of normality. i prefer to be just a little bit “weird”.  i started dying my hair shades of purple and red and wore combat boots with babydoll dresses. i wrote DM on every notebook i owned. i was “alternative”!

when i first moved to LA, i went to amoeba, which is only the most amazing record store you will ever go to, almost once a week!  over the years, i have gotten rid of my cd’s and replaced them with itunes and now spotify. sadly, so many of those old albums got lost along the way. i kind of miss those days of going to the record store and coming home with 5 new albums. i couldnt wait to tear off the plastic and  figure out how to get that damn sticker off the top of the cd…and listen to what would be the soundtrack to the moments of my life.   there was some sort of special ritual about it… but then modern technology allows me to share this playlist with you. a playlist of my teenage angst. if you are into Cocteau twins, toad the wet sprocket, some DM, and the cure. this just might be a playlist for you too.

teenage angst



this is another curiosity space that i took the photos for  a while ago. this time, i am sharing my brother, joe, and his wife, addie’s, house. they have two little one’s ryland and violet. they live in the olympia, washington. one of my favorite towns in the US!  i have always loved their dwellings, i suppose because of all the curious things. my brother and addie have been together since i was like 15 or 16! i remember the first time i met addie, waiting in my living room in alabama for my parents to bring them home from the airport. addie and i have a friendship, one that i cherish. she is a brilliant artist and crafter, as kind as can be, has a great sense of humor, and is smart as a whip! she doesn’t sweat the small stuff, and gives my brother way to many back scratches!  no wonder my brother loves her so much. i would say addie has always been an inspiration, and she taught me to look for gifts in nature. she never treats me like the little sister either, so i kind of love that too. addie has found some great pieces over the years, all from the great outdoors. i love the way their styles meld together. my brother with all his nature books and addie’s treasures to adorn them.

my brother, as i have talked about before, is an ecologist. he is also a photographer, from a preservation point of view. you can see his work here. joe, is ten years older than me. when i hit my twenties, he and i started to form a friendship. we finally had things to relate on and found out we have a lot in common. i look up to joe a lot. he is super smart and i look to him for info on politics, nature, and photography! as a kid, i use to go into his room when he was gone and go through this small little chest full of knick knacks. i suppose he was some sort of mystery to me. he use to collect fossils and after college and while getting a masters, became somewhat of a hippy! he lived in many places from the everglades, taos, salt lake city, seattle, colorado, and back to washington. my parents and i would go visit, he just added to my inspiration for wanderlust! while he and addie were living just the next town over here in colorado (wish they still did!!) they had their first child ryland. i use to come visit from LA and help them out. joe would have to go into the field for work (the field meaning the wilderness) and addie was commuting to denver. i formed a special little bond with ryland during all that time. and now they have violet, i need to go visit that little girl! i love her so!

i love all the bird nests, the feathers, the old family photographs. i love the photo of my mother that sits on their mantle. i love all the family heirlooms from addie’s side. her dad is quite crafty himself. i love asking where each piece came from. i love how addie thinks she needs help decorating, clearly she doesn’t!

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i have a lot of food posts pending right now. sometimes, i get a bug up my butt and make a bunch of stuff all at once. this past weekend was no exception. i finally got out of the house on friday night, and i realize how much i miss having a social life. saturday, i was suppose to have another outing, but had to turn around because my dog ate a bunch of plastic from the trash and i was worried about him. it was either my frustration at home or my anxiety away. i choose my frustration. i was so disappointed to have to spend another day at the house, since that is pretty much what i do all the time. it was a beautiful weekend. while LA was having 80 degrees, we here in colorado were happy with our 60 degrees!  i was almost half way (which is an hour) to my friends house, when i got off the phone with the vet and decided to go home. on the way back, i decided to stop at this cheese store in longmont (where my bro use to live). i pass right by on 287 and i have been in such desire for good food. and boy did, i treat myself. pastries, cheese, bread, meats. i went nuts. i decided, since i rarely go out to eat anymore, i was going to give myself the excuse to totally spoil myself! or as a psychologist might call it, emotional eating. ha! i was totally okay with it too.

of course, wylie got into the trash again. i am still watching him.

 sunday morning, i woke up and was craving a brunch out with friends so bad. i decided i would bring restaurant brunch here. i was inspired by rachel khoo’s eggs in pots. i used a triple cream brie i had bought instead of creme fraiche. you could use any of these or cream cheese or another kind of melting cheese. i put the cheese into a ramekin and layered it with two eggs, nutmeg, salt, pepper, and dill. i served it with the crusty baguette from the day before. this was simply divine!!!! i kind of want it right now!

i also wanted something sweet. i thought about pancakes, but i had no syrup. so, i opted for a dutch pancake, which might just be better anyway! i am perfectly happy eating this with a little powdered sugar and jam and as my friend donna suggested and the tradition, lemon juice. you can find any old dutch pancake recipe online. i didn’t make this up, so i will just give you a link here!

i hope you had a good weekend! next weekend, be sure to treat yourself to something divine!