4 months later: bye LA

IMG_1283this post is so long overdue…like so long. i finally got my hands on the photos from my going away party in LA. although, for some reason, it still doesn’t feel like goodbye. it could be because i am about to visit twice in the next few months. needless, to say i am so excited to go back and see my old friends, to be in the big cities, to eat at yummy restaurants,to go for a hike, to feel the california sunshine, to just see how it feels to be back in LA. i feel like i have grown a lot already in these few months i have been gone. that was the whole point. it will be nice to see how it feels to be back.

i miss my weird, crazy, creative LA friends. i am so in love with them. when i looked at these photos my heart was filled with so much love and so many memories. i saw my friends in a new light and appreciate their friendships more than ever, because i don’t have them at a moments notice anymore. the reality is, i spend the majority of my time alone here in CO. i took moments like this for granted while i was there. that might be one of the biggest lessons i have learned so far.

kate and stacy, two of the bestest, put this party together. they did the decorations and photo booth and coordinated others to bring fun stuff too! i love the map theme they used. perfect, for my adventure, and my love for maps. the signs are hilarious.  i actually do have a sense of humor, regardless of my sincerity on the blog… and man, so do my friends. we are silly and weird and well, i wouldn’t have it any other way. these photos were just a reminder to be more of that.

 the book everyone signed is one of the best gifts i have ever gotten (besides the purple chest my friends signed for me when i moved from indiana in high school).i didn’t read it until i was out of LA in the middle of Utah somewhere, and  i cried my eyes out. sometimes, i cant read it, because it makes me miss everyone so much. all their words made me feel more than loved. all their words mean more to me than i can describe.

i miss you my friends. i will see you soon!

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