the weekends: nyc

IMG_2597 it is amazing the kinds of things one must catch up on after two weeks of traveling. well, not really…that seems pretty general actually, but those duties have kept me away from the blog. i am finally starting to catch up on my list, to only leave again in a week and a half.  it was nice to get back to colorado, but i am already excited about my trip to LA in a few weeks for work.  i fear there is no cure for my wanderlust. although, it could have something to do with the fact that it has been snowing here since sunday night and will continue through the night. i would say there is almost 2 feet out there. i admit it is beautiful, but i got such a lovely taste of spring on my trip, that it was really hard to come back to a week in a winter wonderland. because…it is april, what they call spring. where is she? cause she ain’t in colorado right now.

let’s talk about NYC.  yes, i love nyc, however, you won’t catch me wearing the t-shirt that says so. i love flying into this vast land of buildings and sea. it seems every time i drift into this place from the sky it is from a different angle with a different view point. this time, i was just in awe of this crazy land built on an island. building after building. it literally is a concrete jungle. there is something pretty spectacular about flying over this earth where you get these views that look like images vs. the reality of what it is. translation: it looks fake. quite astonishing really, to see the world from 30,000 feet.

as much as i am a nature girl, i am city girl too! i thrive on the restaurants, people watching,creativity at the epicenter, even the transportation. i still find it a novelty to ride in subways and taxi’s- after spending ten years in my car in LA. i feel so powerful hailing a cab, i even admit i like the smell of the subway. not the pee smell, but whatever else it is…which i have no idea how to describe it. i only got one subway ride in this trip, but lots of hailing the good old yellow cab.

i went to NYC to help my friend style a photo shoot for her new line of soaps.  most of my time was devoted to shopping and shooting, but of course we did manage to squeeze in some good food and i met up with a few friends too. it was still such a great trip and i wasn’t ready to leave. my friend dahlia lives in the lower east side in a little 4 foot walk up flat. her apartment is to die for and i will feature more of it soon.  the photo shoot turned out amazing, not to mention my inspiration for good food!

i love you new york!

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1. flying over NYC into LGA

2. chelsea

3. happy hour with me myself and i at the smith on 3rd avenue and 10th street

4. brooklyn taco co in essex market, lower east side

5. me and dahlia after brunch and cocktails…followed with a nap

6. west village

7. view of new jersey

8. houston and broadway

9.  west village

10. dahlia’s apt: shower in the kitchen

11. dahlia’s living room

12. dahlia’s kitchen

13. prep for the shoot

14 & 15. sneak peak of the shoot!


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