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first off, thanks to those whom participated in the giveaway! the prize went to marissa of marissamoondaughter. i also wanted to thank everyone for their lovely comments! i am sorry i have been a bad blogger and have not replied. please know that i do read every one of them and am so grateful for all my readers!

it is amazing how much i go in and out of missing LA and loving it here. last week we had two feet of snow. even though it is beautiful, i was so sick of being stuck inside i could scream. i was literally trapped for a few days  because i couldn’t get my car out of the driveway. the photos below don’t even do it justice! after a taste of spring in LA, this snowy, gloomy, weather had me confused and had me missing my old life. it is hard to change, it is hard to let go, i am now realizing this. i suppose this was the point of it all though, to change.  luckily, i get to fill my craving for my old ways when i leave in a few days to road trip it back to sunny california to do a job. i am super grateful to get to play in my old city and hang out with my friends i miss so…and for a few weeks!!!

over the past weekend the snow started to melt into wet sticky mud and the sun started to show his self again. wylie and i did a little exploring of our country/mountain neighborhood and by monday and tuesday, we had snow again. uh, that was enough to almost make me go nuts. wednesday, the white fields finally started to disappear and by yesterday i started to get excited again about what is to come ! wylie and i went on a little hike into the hills outside the front door and we sat by the river just relaxing. i haven’ been able to do that without shivering! i realized, the summer here is going to be breathtaking.  i think the snowy, winter seasons make you appreciate the beautiful weather even more. it’s not that we take it for granted in LA, it’s just so normal to have  a beautiful day you don’t know any different after a while. but here, here the land comes alive again. your mind and body rejoice, and the sun feels like you have been given a golden warm gift. the grass is turning green, the buds are slowly showing their strength. the rhubarab is popping up in the garden. the sounds of the river feel like a vacation on the beach. by the time i get back in 3 weeks, i can only imagine this place is going to be a whole new world and ecosystem.

it’s true, somedays i want to crawl back to my old life. some days, i can’t believe this adventure i get to take. i feel torn between loving the wilderness and the peace, but i crave culture and eccentricity! yet still, i find myself wanting more, i find myself envious of others. these are just some of the things i am learning about myself, some of the things i want and need to change. i am not sure what path to take in the next few months. hopefully, working and being in LA for a few weeks will bring me some clarity. i am an over analyzer, if they gave awards out for such, i could most definitley win won. i sometimes feel a peace here that i havent felt in years. sometimes i feel i might just be a little to eclectic for a middle america lifestyle. maybe i am having a mid-life crisis- but a beautiful one.

IMG_3029 IMG_3065 IMG_3043

i believe the above photos need little explanation!!!


wylie and i found the head, one claw, and feathers of a flickr bird in the front yard. something devoured this bird. i clearly saved it all.
PicMonkey Collagegghcgh

working on some party favors for a bachelorette  party i will hit up on the way back from LA in utah. also, working on a few samples for the small summer line to come out.

PicMonkey Collagentrw PicMonkey Collageggkvg IMG_3234

taking a hike on the ranch’s land. a little bit of trespassing, but what glorious views. i have never walked this path before, and it was awesome!  also, the horses are horsin around when it comes to feeding time. except the one little guy in the back. he seemed a little mad at everyone else. IMG_3229 IMG_2997

the elk are everywhere.


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8 thoughts on “daily gems: colorado lately

  1. effortlessly focused, perfectly balanced. there is nothing for my eyes to do but sit back and admire the craft. really, really lovely. tony

  2. oh, great! thanks for coming by the blog. i am living inbetween loveland and estes park. the weather has been so great, and i am starting to fall in love with this place in a whole new way. i am looking forward to coming back in a few weeks to enjoy this glorious land!

    and thank you!!!

  3. Welcome to Colorful Colorado!!! Soon everything is gonna be green and beautiful!! Where in CO are u??? I am in Beckenridge!!! Moved here from Perú and it was gonna be just for a season…. It’s been 7 years!!!
    Hope ur homesickness goes away as soon as you get to explore the nature around u!! 🙂
    By the way I found u through Marissa’s blog :). What a beautiful terraniummmn!!!!
    Today is a gorgeous day!!!

  4. oh laura!! your words are so genuine and inspirational and real! thank you for this. i dreamed so long of a country life. and here i am. i love it so much, but i do miss my old world. i think being out here alone is hard too. if i was sharing my life with someone, i probably wouldn’t feel such an itch to be with people or feel so lonely and confused. i definitely don’t feel i fit in, but in a way it is comforting to know you feel that way to sometimes. i look at your photos and blog and am inspired of your beauty and ability to be yourself in a sea of normality. or rather the ordinary. you have created your own special world and i think that takes more balls then doing so in a big city! i have found i dont dress up here or care as much about wearing a cute outfit or being myself.i miss that. i respect that you still do it no matter where you are.

    then sometimes, i find i am focused on myself vs others. focused on my craft, which was part of the point of doing this! so, at the end of the day, this journey is special.
    you too are such an inspiration and creative beauty yourself! i am so glad we found each other via the internet. it can be such a powerful tool. i hope one day our mortal selfs will meet in person. i have only been to texas once, besides the dallas airport. i hope to make it down there someday! you guys are more than welcome here anytime!!! i would love visitors and i bet we could get into some really good creative collaborations!
    i would love to make something for you with those feathers. i do have some extra. anything in particular you would want?
    thanks again for your words beautiful friend!

  5. colorado looks beautiful, even with the snow. ive only been there once when i was about 12, for an art show with my parents. but yes, i can see how it would be a drastic change from california. even though we rarely ever get snow here in texas, im so used to weather changes. one day it will be freezing and the next your in the middle of hot hot heat. so crazy. those horses are so beautiful!!!!!!!!

    i have only ever lived in the hillcountry, and i dont think you could pay me a million dollars to live in the city. but a part of me has always felt like its missing something, and i think that something is the culture the city brings. i live in a one horse town where i feel i dont fit in or feed off of many people at all. a very small handful. sometimes i crave to be in an area where there are people all around me i can relate to. i guess that is where the internet comes in for me. but maybe its easier for me b/c i dont know any different. ive never experienced living somewhere like that, only visited places…

    i cant believe you found those woodpecker feathers! i love the mobile you made with them. i think i need to get a little something special and handmade from you if you have any left. it would be so meaningful. i have one flicker feather a dear friend gave to me and it is so sacred. they almost seem fake with their orange color, dont they?

    you are such a creative beauty. i love all that you touch. thank you for sharing your heart in this world.

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