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things are  mountain high beautiful here in CO. flowers are blooming, my vegetable garden is planted, and there is so much green around me it makes me feel crazy with excitement. the smell of fresh cut grass and summer rain, the brightening of spring, the daylight is hanging around a little bit longer. it has me all so incredibly nostalgic for my days in the midwest and the south, that it feels as though i am living it again. i feel that peace i use to feel growing up of the simplicity of life. the rat race of the last ten years had been hiding all these pleasures. i mean, i went to dairy queen the other night and i thought it was just about the greatest thing. i was envious of all the families enjoying the warm evening with cold ice cream, together.

i  received a text from a dear friend of mine from alabama yesterday, reminding me, we graduated 15 years ago from highschool. 15 years ago, holy shit! my initial thought was “where did the time go?” then, as i started thinking about it and looking at old pictures of old friends, it dawned on me that i have lived such a full life. full of so many friends, love, adventures. years of this. so many phases of my life with trails of friendships all over the country.  i have lived out many of my dreams, falling down on the way many times, but picking myself back up and trying something again. it brings up many questions for me on where to go next on this journey.

which, somehow all this nostalgia brings me to this simple recipe (don’t ask really), one everyone already knows, but i wanted to share with this trip down my memory lane.

there were only handful of things i could make in college. one being bruschetta. which i brought to every single party, either that or strawberry shortcake. i could also make quesadilla’s and tofu smoothies. i tried lasagna once trying to impress a dude, but i forgot to boil the noodles. my poor dinner guests. i was more of a creature of habit back then. i’m not sure i fully thought out everything before i did something, and that seems to have brought me more success in my life. not thinking, just doing. i also smoked a lot of pot. i also listened to sarah mclachlan on repeat, and i am currently doing so while i type this post….just for good time’s sake.

i laugh when i think how brave and silly i was back then. how i could give a damn what anyone thought of me.

how things have changed, how some haven’t.




a loaf of bread cut into pieces. brush with olive oil and grill.



olive oil


i don’t measure these goodies. i just throw it all together in a bowl and eyeball how much i need according to how many people will be eating.

IMG_8630 IMG_8634 IMG_8648


hi guys! i am trying something new…a tag sale right here on the blog. follow this link to the page or find the link to the left TAG SALE.

i am selling items from my own personal collection of vintage goods from my old etsy shop, as well as knick knacks from around my house at low prices in order to purge!

if interested in a piece and would like more photos please send me an email at with the item number and description and your inquiry. if interested in buying a piece also please email me at

all transactions will take place through paypal and shipping will be applied.

don’t hesitate with any questions and if all goes well, i just might sell some clothes and other items too!


i am back…after quite the adventure. the grass is so green and everything in full bloom here at the colorado homestead. it is feeding my soul with so much joy and peace.  i am truly learning to enjoy the smallest of  things, the things that i have vs. the things i don’t have, especially when it comes to some of the most important people in my life. on my way back from LA i stopped in park city, utah to meet up with a bunch of girls for a bachelorette weekend. we were celebrating one of my best friend’s soon to be marriage. the one that i love to laugh with the most. i have known larissa since our youngster indiana days in our home town of crown point. our friendship flourished in college and then again in LA. larissa moved to back to chicago a few years ago. though i was sad to see her leave LA, i was inspired by her change, and in my own adventure her bravery has often crossed my mind and motivated me.  a few years after being back, she met a man. since then, i have watched her blossom and fall in love. that man asked her to marry her and this summer they will do the honor in upstate new york. ris is one of the most magnetic people i know. with a sense of humor like no other, beauty, love, and kindness. sometimes, when i think of the genuine love and support in our friendship it brings tears to my eyes.

i also know ris is always up for a photo shoot. one of the first i ever did was in her old apartment building in printer’s row, in chicago. just me and her being silly and creative. it’s my favorite way to do it. i brought some clothes and props along with me, and while i was doing errands in LA, i stopped and got an american flag. perfect for our mountain getaway in this glorious and vast land we call home. plus, i have been wanting one for my wall…nothing like killing two birds with one stone!

i love to watch people blossom in front of the camera, or even be a little shy. i love how it all unfolds on itself with the freedom for it to be anything we want, perfect or not, bad light or good light. this group of ladies was special and it was such a magical weekend. none of us wanted it to end. park city is beautiful as are these ladies. i can’t wait for the wedding in upstate new york!

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IMG_8463we all know i love a good party. any excuse to get crafty and make my friends feel loved. when larissa asked me to be in her wedding, i was more than flattered and honored. i love this girl so much. we were invited to park city, utah for a weekend of hiking, yoga, and indulging!

larissa’s maid/matron of honor, ally,  planned a weekend to the T full of larissa’s favorite activities. ally also openly welcomed me doing a little sun and glory craftiness. together we collaborated on a bachelorette kit, dinner, and decor. ally made up an itinerary for the weekend and was so good at organizing all of us ladies  getting us from one place to the next. that is a tough job. we even illegally smuggled wylie into the house. even if we did have to hide out in the car while the manager came to the property. we just couldn’t get off that easily, but wylie was the perfect little addition for the weekend.

i missed thursday night, but friday morning we did some yoga lead by leslie (larissa and leslie are both instructors). i have not done pigeon pose in so long that my hips were screaming. ( i have since started up yoga again, what a great way to be inspired!). after yoga we hit up a hike that we aren’t exactly sure was a hike, but more of walking around in the wilderness and campgrounds of this beautiful area. we still walked for a few hours and had a lovely gloomy afternoon. followed up by taking the tram up to the st regis in deer valley for drinks. park city was empty while we were there, it is shoulder season, the place felt like it was just ours.  the manager at st regis kindly let us bring wylie into the restaurant even though they don’t really allow dogs, apparently it is called “bark city” not just park city. the food and wine director also gave us some great hikes to hit up for the following day. he kind of became our new best friend.

PicMonkey CollagegfuIMG_7942IMG_7991IMG_7974 PicMonkey CollagemvmhvIMG_7973PicMonkey CollagejfjhPicMonkey CollagelhjglIMG_3624

the next hike was gloomy at times, sunny at times, rainy at times. i was exhausted after the previous day of drinking prosecco in the hot tub to only be hungover by the time we made it to dinner. i have never been a good day drinker.

i wouldn’t say we got lost exactly on this hike, we just weren’t sure where we were headed. we did a huge loop in the mountains, probably 7 or so miles. even though i thought i was going to die, it was so incredibly worth it.

IMG_3563PicMonkey CollageIMG_7939

 that evening we all pitched in on a sun and glory feast. grilled steaks, kale salad, and sweet potato fries with blue cheese. not to mention the prosicutto/mozzarella/melon skewers and fondue and smores for dessert. the night was complete with a whiskey bar and a dance party.

i wanted to make the table special. i bought some succulents while i was in LA and  wrapped them in brown paper. the table runner was the same brown paper adorned with air plants, plastic horses, and seed starters on the plates.

IMG_8446IMG_8087PicMonkey CollagejgfjIMG_8495PicMonkey CollagejgfjgdgIMG_8157PicMonkey CollagehgffPicMonkey CollagejfjPicMonkey CollagetxturIMG_8176IMG_8188

i made a pinterest board a while back and ally and i both loved the idea of a bachelorette box. i tend to go overboard with ideas and have hard time narrowing down the things i should and shouldn’t put in these things. i bought some canteens and painted my beloved triangle on them. i also painted sticks, and made sun and glory keychains. i  threw in granola bars, mini whiskey’s, coconut water, sunscreen, rock candy, blistex, a bandana, and a little mini white cowboy hat that looks like a white blob in the photo. everyone had  blast with it.

we also did a photo shoot. american flag and all…see the next post!IMG_7851IMG_7878PicMonkey CollagehdhfIMG_8413PicMonkey Collagegsr

IMG_7696 i recently went to a little french restaurant in longmont with my mom while she was visiting. frankly, i was just excited to be eating out, to be eating french food, and an eclair for that matter! rarity’s since my move here. i ordered rose lemonade and i immediately became obsessed. i love anything i can recreate at home easily and i am a fanatic for the floral edible goodness of rose water. it is a bit perfumy, but i find it refreshing and delightful. Reminds me of my trip to morocco!!

IMG_7660 IMG_7663 IMG_7665

this recipe makes two glasses. double, triple, etc for more!

what you need:

1/2 c simple syrup (boil 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water together in a sauce pan until the sugar has dissolved)

1-2 lemons-juice and a little zest

2 tsp of rose water (mine is more like an extract, you can find cortas rose water in middle eastern markets, and perhaps the regular market)

some mint and basil for color and flavor

2 cups of water


combine all ingredients in a pitcher and stir. poor over ice and garnish with lemon and mint. for a sparkling version, add some pellegrino!

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