a colorado wedding

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so…this time, my dear friend natalie got married to her brad. they live here in colorado about 45 minutes away from me. natalie, another old friend from indiana, college, adulthood… she is one of my best! the guest list was a lot of my oldest friends from indiana. larissa would have been here too, but she was off in france on her honeymoon. my childhood best friend, sara, and her husband mark came in a night early to stay the cabin. though the rain stuck right over our head, which is the first time i have ever seen that happen here, we enjoyed a night of wine, conversation, and food. sara and i even had a sleepover in my bed, much like the old days when we were next door neighbors growing up.  it made me so happy. our friend lisa, came up to the cabin the next morning. lis is off galavanting the world, and is moving to australia as i write this. we trekked up to rocky mountain national park for  lovely hike. though it seems i have yet to get use to this altitude. i forgot i live in this high altitude, until my friend bethany kindly pointed that out! 🙂

that night, nat’s parents hosted a little party where the rest of the crew met up. the wedding night was full of laughter, reminicising, john denver, and dance parties. it felt so good to be surrounded by old friends with so many memories. i have known these girls dating all the way back to pre-school and elementary school, high school, and then college.  to see how it has all lead up to this day as though time has not passed, well, it doesn’t really get much better than that. we know each others families, ex-boyfriends, and probably even a few dirty secrets. they are the friends you can leave the bathroom door open with, the friends you can pick off each others plates. yeah, it’s comfortable. now a days, everyone is married with kids. it’s pretty amazing to see all the men with diaper bags and holding babies. perhaps we are a little more grown up, but still pretty much the same.  my parents were even here for the special weekend. that was extra special.

let’s talk about natalie. she looked incredibly beautiful. the setting was extraordinary, the decor perfect, the dress was just so her. i have watched the hard work she has put into this wedding the last year, and it came out so perfect. all the little details, i wish i would have gotten more photos of this! i got to take part a bit in the decor. we collaborated on the dessert table and i made her a homemade wedding cake. this is all in the next post today!

of course, even though i lived 25 minutes from the venue, i was not very well prepared. meaning, i did not bring a sim card for my camera and had to resort to using my iphone. though, i will admit i have been extra lazy lately and using my iphone anyway!

love you girls so much!!! let’s do it again.

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