on the road: olympia, washington

photo 4

i love the PNW…i really do. sometimes the gloom can get me down, but then the sun comes out and it feels like a gift. i have contemplated moving up here several times, and it is still in the running, though, i am no closer to really figuring it all out. i find so much inspiration and charm whenever i visit i want to bottle it all up.

i love the port towns, olympia being one of them, and i have had the chance to visit several of them. the vibe here is like out of a movie that takes place in a fishing town…except it is real. plaid shirts, rain boots, rustic work jackets, with a little bit of a hippy twist. the markets are insane here not to mention just popping into the local seafood market for some fresh fish. everywhere you go the landscape is lush and a dampness is always present. my hair has been so soft, i barely have to brush the knots out.

most of my time has been spent taking care of my niece and nephew and helping out my sister in law…since, my brother broke his leg 5 days into my visit. for their sake, i came at the perfect time to help, until i caught the illness the kids were carrying around. every once in a while i have escaped to the farmers market, or for a hike, or a walk around the cute downtown shops. even this small town has coffee shops comparable to the big cities. they are serious about their coffee here, and frankly, i appreciate that.

i ate some of the best tomatoes from the farmers market that i have had all summer. the market is my favorite here and is open everyday in season. i love finding treasures like the moss collection my bro has been keeping for his work in the garage. i even found some dram’s bitters at a local boutique. they are a small adorable company from colorado and was hoping to make it there before i left and didn’t. i bought the sampler and have been obsessed dropping it in everything the past two days: tea, smoothies, soups. it aids in digestion and they add such a depth of flavor. it has been a few weeks of rainbows, rain, naps, and muddy hikes. fall is in full affect here and it inspires me to take a little picnic on a hike in this cute outfit and adorable accessories! fallPNW

1. TOPSHOP toggle coat – i have been daydreaming of toggles lately

2. TOPSHOP pork pie hat

3. MADEWELL plaid flannel

4. NO. 6 clog boots

5. DRAM APOTHECARY bitters- currently, obsessed 100%

6. STANLEY thermos from WEST ELM – perfect for a picnic with soup or hot chocolate. add some of your dram bitters to the mix.

7. FILSON field tote


9. BREAD KEEPER – for that picnicphoto 2 photo 4 photo 1 photo 3 photo 4 photo 3 photo 1 photo 2 photo 1 photo 3photo 4


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Welcome to the bridge where I hope and intend to create a space for ALL the things I do and can't seem to quit. I am a stylist, a creator, a shop owner, a writer, an artist, a mama. Sabina Bloom was born FEB 2021 in a snowstorm and she has an extra special gift on her 21st chromosome. Here you will find us laughing, loving, creating, and navigating Down syndrome and our life together.

4 thoughts on “on the road: olympia, washington

  1. Beautiful pictures! I live in Seattle and even though we had the most beautiful summer in anyone’s memory, I, too, am glad to see autumn finally coming to the PNW!

  2. Thanks for featuring our bitters! I actually lived in Olympia for 5 years so it was really lovely to see this blog post. Have a wonderful fall.

    Shae Whitney
    DRAM Apothecary

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