another year gone by

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well, folks….another year has gone by and i haven’t posted one thing here on the old blog. i have thought about it, i just never actually did it. but the good news is, i have simply been too busy!

so remember when i said i was going to move back to LA, yeah, that was a joke. something just said no way, not right now. one day it dawned on me, things are going well, why not go do something you have always wanted to do- live in NYC. so, i did it. here i am, a few months later and life in a way is more simple then ever. while i miss california sunshine like a person in the desert without water, and hiking, i miss hiking…NY is incredibly independent and invigorating.  i smile when walking around the city when i think to myself, i actually did it and i never thought i would be able to. that is a pretty damn good feeling. i love being on foot and having every single thing i could possibly want at my fingertips. i still spend most nights on my new couch with roku and wylie, but i attribute that to my age and being single. nothing wrong with that! i also have my groceries delivered, drop off my laundry, and have a sever amazon prime addiction. these are just some of the many beauties of living in the big apple, or brooklyn rather.

the jewelry line has taken off this year. Free People has been buying up a storm! this has allowed me to venture into new mediums and will be launching metal pieces for spring as well as some candles. (very excited about this!). for now, there are some great little herbal kits up in the shop that are perfect for holiday gifts. also offering FREE SHIPPING until december 18! get it while it’s hot!

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a few things from this year:

  1. wylie is still the cutest dog there is.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset



  2. my house was on apartment therapy a few weeks ago!
  3. check out some of the pieces from sun + glory for sale over on free peopleunnamed-1
  4. FREE SHIPPING UNTIL DECEMBER 1Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 7.59.17 PM

5. and finally, the world feels like a crazy place these days. while many of us live easy lives compared to many in the world, i personally can’t help but to feel overwhelmed with all the bad things that seem to be happening. i read the news daily, i feel it is my duty as a privilege person to understand what is happening in this world. at times, this can get me down, mostly because of the lack of people who don’t seem to realize how fast this can spiral down and one day become a personal experience. i want to run away from the influences and be ignorant, but that is exactly how we get in these places in the first place. i urge you to be informed, to be open, to be understanding, to put yourself in others shoes…regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation, or species even. find something to fight for and be passionate about. even if it is just spreading the word.

hug the ones that are the closest and even the ones that are not worthy. wake up everyday and tell yourself why you are lucky. trust me, it works. and most importantly have a safe and very merry christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or whatever holiday you may or may not celebrate. we are all earthlings on this earth living together in search of love, peace, and happiness.


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