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IMG_6917fall is magic.  as it is beginning to disappear, i thought i would share some photos from my fall adventures. it was the first complete fall i have experienced in over 10 years. things don’t really change in LA being there are only two seasons there- sun and rain. there are moments when i miss the cali sunshine,but this year i relished in the changing leaves and brisk air.  i started seeing spurts of it when i was in olympia, washington. i was hoping for a little more while in NYC, but when i got to colorado for work it was starting to ooze with yellow and orange. when i got back to my family’s home end of october the color was so intense i couldn’t help but to be filled with excitement. it was totally unexpected. my parents said it isn’t normally this colorful- i got lucky. as if, mother nature was making it beautiful just for me.

IMG_6725 IMG_6740

i was/am missing fresh air, the mountains, the city, and inspiration being in suburbia, and i decided to do some exploring here in missouri. i ventured on a hike to the lewis and clark trail. i stood on top of a ravine, overlooking the missouri river. she is vast, she is large…not like my little big thompson river in colorado. i couldn’t get to close to the edge or i felt a little dizzy. i kept walking unsure of where i was exactly on the trail, asking along the way with the few people i saw. every time i felt like i was going to wrong way or wanted to turn around for fear i was on the 8 mile hike vs. the 5 mile hike, i would be completely taken away by the scenery. it would stop my fretting and it was those moments that taught me to be in the present on that hike and everyday. even if wylie got 3 ticks and i was covered in stickers to the point i had to give him a homemade hair cut- it was worth every second.

it was amazing how the terrain would change every twist and turn. the colors of the leaves too. as if i was stumbling across different villages, villages of trees.

IMG_6891 IMG_6866 IMG_6851 IMG_6890 IMG_6846between olympia,colorado, NYC, denver, missouri, and chicago- i got my dose of fall in. i even helped my dear friend rake leaves outside her house in chitown. that smell of crunchy and wet leaves. raking them all up into one big pile- i love it. the color, the rain, the leaves- it is exactly how i remember those midwest falls growing up. it all makes me believe in magic.
IMG_6791 IMG_6955


PicMonkey Collageygfiy i can’t seem to catch up on my sleep these days. ever since the two jobs i did back to back i have been exhausted. i have also been noticing old cars and birds a lot lately. the other day wylie and i found a birdie just sitting behind the cabin. he didn’t seem to move, wylie gave him a sniff, then he got scared and had a tumble down the rocks. the look on his face was heartbreaking. hard to imagine a bird having a look.  i picked him up and put him in a box an called all around asking what i could do for him. finally, the wildlife refuge said his best chance was nature. i set him free. that evening i hear wylie barking in the side yard. i go outside, and there the little birdie sat on the other side of the fence just staring at wylie. i made him a new box and put him in the fenced in yard. he slept for a few hours, while incessantly checked on him. it started to get a little chilly that night, so i moved him into the laundry room. he passed away by morning. i hope he was at least comfortable and not scared.

the garden is growing strong out here. soon, there will be veggies to harvest. the apple trees are starting their apples, which are just about the cutest things and also means bears will be coming soon. the grapevine is looking mighty lush as well! something has been lurking around the back porch at night. wylie boy likes to get up and bark and then stress out for a few hours in the middle of the night, which in turn means i get no sleep.  i did firefly craft fair this weekend in boulder and colorado ate up sun and glory products! i am so pleased with the business. now, i must unload my car and pack for two weeks of traveling, again. i am pretty excited for the month to come and all the festivities. i have a few posts for while i am away! i end my post here! much love!PicMonkey Collagecugi IMG_4163 PicMonkey Collagecfyc PicMonkey Collageezt PicMonkey Collagejvjhv PicMonkey Collagevhulphoto

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i thought i would try a little something new on the blog. daily gems. bits and pieces of fun things from instagram and general adventures and moments around the house. it was super warm last weekend and today it is snowing again. i have been working a lot at the lodge, and getting ready for my trip next week. the family didn’t come out this week because of the snow storm….big bummer, but now i can catch up on a few things! although, somehow i am procrastinating on the computer! plants and thrifted pots

2. i can’t stop making orange coffee

3. wylie boy after a bath

4. air plants taking a tub

5. a hike down the road: devil’s backbone

6. on warm days, she likes to come out. another neighbor.

7. wylie and i went for a hike at carter lake

8. we saw the biggest herd of elk i have ever seen

9. view from the office yesterday with snow and don’t feed the bears sign

10. the office

11. more elk outside the grocery store in estes park

12. another shot from carter lake