LA beach days

more often than not, i forget i live on the pacific ocean. i am literally 15 miles from the nearest beach and frankly,that is just crazy to me. traffic and city life often keep me from getting there. maybe i make it once or twice a year…maybe a few times for work too. a fewContinue reading “LA beach days”


Road Trippin: LA- DENVER

I arrived back in LA yesterday from my road trip to Denver. Good lord, is the scenery stunning across this country!! The first day Wylie and I drove from LA to St George, Utah.  We stayed the night at Crescent Moon Inn, which is situated about 15-20 minutes off I-15.  I could not have pickedContinue reading “Road Trippin: LA- DENVER”

topsail state park

while on vacation last week, i went for a hike with my brother in topsail state park.  these kinds of adventures are best done with my bro as he is a conservation biologist. he works for the state of washington and is forever curious (clearly, my new favorite word, thanks to donna) of land andContinue reading “topsail state park”

family vay-cay: destin, florida

  last week i spent the days with my family in destin, florida, located on the gulf of mexico, better known as the emerald coast. i could just sit on this beach forever! my family has been vacationing here since 1988. in a way, it is one of the few things that is still familiar to myContinue reading “family vay-cay: destin, florida”

this land of angels

i have done quite a few posts of what is outside my backdoor, but this is what is outside my front door. LA! most people imagine beverly hills, beach babes, and celebrities…i would say it is quite the contrary. and as much as i can bitch about living here, there are a lot of thingsContinue reading “this land of angels”