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page1lookbook here it is, as promised.  the freckles & honey soap co. holiday catalog.  my trip to NYC’s main purpose was to shoot and style this lookbook. my old, dear friend, dahlia warner, created this line and brought me on last year to help her develop the brand creatively and as well as some administrative duties. i put together her website the last time around and we already have something fun planned for spring. i absolutely love getting creative with dahlia on this line. not only because the products are so intoxicating, seriously- i can not get enough of it, but also helping out a friend build her little empire. d, gives me a lot of creative freedom and as she often puts it- “i trust you”. well, thats pretty awesome. i am pretty proud of this one on both of our parts. dahlia is one talented soap maker and entrepreneur. and me- well i just love styling stuff and getting my hands dirty. being that her products are centered around flavors and ingredients, it makes these set ups super fun allowing for inspiration from the kitchen and blogging. i look forward to doing more of this stuff!

 the winter forest soap i could inhale all day long.  it really does smell good enough to eat.

follow the line on Facebook for updates!

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IMG_0763 the fall 2013 sun and glory lookbook and product is here! been spending a lot of time on this the past few weeks, or month. i am super happy with this lookbook. my friend kat, a model here in colorado, came up to the cabin to do the shoot. though the sun never made an appearance, it was a great day of shooting. i shot, styled, and made this lookbook and overall it is kind of one big art piece for me.  i love doing this stuff.  i narrowed down the line this season, making a few key pieces-making bigger statements. go have a look! this season we are also offering a 5 % donation of your online order to the Native American Heritage Association.

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i happy to announce, after a few months of work, that freckles & honey is up and running!

a few months ago, i went to NYC to help a friend style the photos for her new line of soaps, scrubs, and candles.  maybe you remember a few of the photos? i also helped her create the website and lookbook. i have posted some of my favorite shots from the finished product! i LOVED getting to work on this and style such a fun shoot and great product. not only am i proud of us as a team, i am  proud of her. dahlia is a hard worker, talented makeup artist, and great business woman. there is lots to learn from her ambition.

 BUT not only all of that, this line is so incredibly yummy. chemical free, handmade,  and truly simple. the smells are intoxicating and the quality is genuine. you aren’t getting a bar of soap that is overwhelming with perfume, but a bar of soap that you could almost take a bite out of! i have had the pleasure of trying out the soaps and scrubs and candles! i love them all. the scrubs are luscious and that oatmeal soap, good lord i want to roll around in it!

for today’s giveaway one person will win TWO BARS OF SOAP AND A SCRUB!

that’s  a pretty good deal!

in order to enter, please post the website ( on facebook, twitter, instagram, your blog, or whatever social network site you prefer to use, using the hashtag #frecklesandhoneysoap where applicable. after doing so, please leave a comment below telling us where you have done so and your name will go into a drawing!

let’s spread the word on this great product!

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“the earth does not belong to us. we belong to the earth.” – chief seattle

happy earth day! are you doing anything to celebrate our home today?

sun and glory is doing it’s first giveaway in honor of our immense and bountiful home! to win this black leather medicine bag and night shadows terrarium read the rules below!

1. repost this giveaway on Facebook, instagram, twitter, or your blog! tagging #sunandglory 

2. leave a comment below with how our earth inspires you. 

the winner will be chosen by random at midnight tomorrow night!



yesterday, was the first day of spring. over the last few weeks patches of green grass have been popping up outside my front door. i am so excited to watch the rest of spring blossom.

in honor of this transitional time of year, a sun and glory sale is taking place!

45% off on all etsy items

25% off all items on the regular shop

use the coupon code SPRINGGLORY


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i have been talking of it for a while now…and it is finally all finished!!!!! i powered through yesterday like a champ, and when it was finally finished , i will be honest, i felt a little sad. like now what? this was so much fun to shoot with my friends, edit, put together,obsess over, and watch it work out so beautifully.

i tend to overanalyze most things in my life, except when i am creating. i realized this last night. it seems the process is the one time i don’t look to far ahead, or stress out, or generally even think about the outcome. i just let it all be, and watch it lay out in front of me as it happens. i knew i wanted to do a shoot, but didn’t have much of a plan until the day before or even day of. the only image i had in my mind was winter white.  amanda and i talked a bit about where we should shoot. out of the blue, i noticed the barn that sits up above the house. never before had i noticed its rustic charm and that day it came alive for me, for all of us. the stick idea evolved from the craft fairs. they have come in quite handy, thanks to my brother’s backyard.  the one thing i knew i wanted and hoped for, were the snowy shots. considering there was no snow on the ground, except on the river, amanda suggested getting down on it where the river was frozen and we could actually stand on it.  brilliant! the white on white, the way amanda’s hair was perfectly put up (unintentionally) for the feather necklace (one of my favorite shots), or the color of donna’s lips and the contrast of her hair with white.. watching it unravel on itself and work out in more ways than i could have imagined, well, i can now see it came out of the calm presence of creating, no stress, beautiful and very talented friends, and love. i didn’t want to boss the boys around, or tell them what to do (maybe only a few times). they nailed it! everyone did their thing and to me, it is simply perfect.

i couldn’t stop making things either. i did this when i started creating things last may for the first craft fair. as i am making one thing, i come up with an idea for another, and then i can’t stop until my vision comes through. of course, running into knicks along the way, but i always see a way to take that problem and turn it into something else. in the end, i end up with a million pieces. i am not the kind of creator whom spend days on one piece. it’s just not my style. i wish i had more patience, but as soon as i make one thing, i have an idea for another and i have this immediate sense to do it. a good thing or not, i don’t know.  i never expected to be a jewelry designer. for the future, i don’t know what my intentions will bring either.  i just know i am the happiest and in the moment when i make something, travel, or eat. 🙂 i suppose i am sharing this, because i am happy to have had the realizations of my process. i moved to the middle of nowhere to focus, and i feel through this experience, i am starting to find it.

as far as the product for this season, i didn’t make that many new macramé pieces. i did try some abstract macramé, which IS my new favorite. i am waiting for more leather to do a few more wall hangings like this as well. i got busy with some new chain and wool pieces. i was inspired by medieval adornment,chain mail, and unconventional uses for traditional supplies. i was also inspired by snow white and the huntsman, yeah i know…i was obsessed with charlize theron’s costuming,. i also started a line of wall hangings and dream catchers as well as plant hangers and terrariums. teaming up with my friend marianne, over at where she sells amazing supplies and air plants.

i might be overdoing it in too many areas. however, i can’t seem to stop myself.

check it all out:

i can’t thank you enough for being a part of this: amanda, chris, zach, and donna.

photos by: chris vinopal and zach driscoll

models: donna goodrow and amanda scholl-vinopal

styling: annie rocchio

IMG_4119i was hoping to post this last week, but between work, the boys editing photos, and getting in my car at 5:30am everyday this week to drive to denver, i haven’t had a moment to do so. but….continuing with the weekend extravaganza that was…i wanted to share some behind the scenes of the photo shoot we did for the sun and glory winter /spring lookbook. when the ladies told me they were coming and booked their tickets my brain starting turning. i have been daydreaming of  a winter lookbook filled with images of snow and using this beautiful land i currently inhabit. although, winter is almost over, this will also suffice as a spring book too with all those horsy pictures! considering two very talented photographers, zach and chris, were accompanying the girls on this trip, how could i not take advantage of putting together an impromptu shoot?

amanda and i have been doing photos shoots since our very early days in LA, which then consisted of polaroids and my hallway. donna has modeled for me too on occasion not to mention all those photo shoots for myspace being silly. chris, has won awards for his photos and together he and amanda won an award for their submission to a crossroads photo contest. zach, puts together these amazing videos and to my surprise he took lots of video of the shoot…which i am so excited about as we have been trying to get together to do a shoot for some time now! the boys brought their professional equipment and the ladies their beauty! everyone was so into and that just makes it that much more fun! it was a perfect day to all hang out together and get creative! my favorite kind of days!

we did limited makeup and hair…maybe a little lipstick here and there. i like it underproduced, more natural, using what we have. amanda and i hit up buffalo exchange for a few pieces, the rest we wore out of our own closets. i love the simplicity of it just coming together just as it is. the colorado homestead was the location. we used an old garage as backdrop that sits in front of my house, went across the street to utilize the horses whom didn’t seem to mind the spotlight, and then moved down to the river where those snowy photos began to appear thanks to the ice and snow still on the river!

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photos by:

chris vinopal

zach driscoll


Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 8.41.39 AM

Sun and Glory has a bit in the bimonthly magazine The Clothes Maiden. The magazine was started by a young full time fashion editor featuring some amazing artists and designers. I was so happy when they contacted me asking to feature my line. What a treat! Thanks ladies for having me as a part of your work.

You can check out the magazines at any of the links below. Sun and Glory is in issue 10, page 52.

IMG_7609web IMG_7557web IMG_7614 IMG_7441web IMG_7372web IMG_7328web IMG_7321web


laura mazurek, of roots and feathers and the bohemain collective, has recently done two lovely outfit posts on her ever eclectic blog (and one i follow daily) using two sun and glory pieces! i wanted to share them because i was so honored and because the photos are lovely as well as her work. laura, is the beautiful mind behind the bohemian collective and has opened my eyes up to a whole new world of designers and artists.  it truly is a collective and a wonderful sharing tool, especially when i get to see my work adorning a beautiful lady. thank you laura for your support and inspiration.

i decided to start the new year off with a post about the sun and glory line.  i hope to expand and create more this year and really pursue this genuinely. i hope everyone is having a good start for the new year!

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IMG_8746 copy

new items were upload to the SHOP today!

20% off on items over at the etsy shop! use the coupon code christmaslove starting today, december 12-19 only!

(this sale only pertains to items on the etsy shop, not the regular shop! thank you!)