LA: walking tour

during my trip in LA, i stayed in hollywood with my friends sean and kate. they live in the hollywood tower ( hollywood tower of terror at disney is modeled after this building). my dearest stacy and allan live across the street. one morning, i met stacy on the corner of franklin and argyle andContinue reading “LA: walking tour”

coffee with orange zest…and a sneak peak at the new blog: bloggers wanted!!!!

things are picking up in my CO world. i took a job in estes park working at a lodge, and even if the pay is bad, i kind of like it! meeting travelers, getting out of the house, and a commute through the mountains meeting many elk along the way. it just makes me appreciateContinue reading “coffee with orange zest…and a sneak peak at the new blog: bloggers wanted!!!!”

the sound of snow

┬áit is snowing today here in my wilderness escape. a lot. i was excited and prepared for the snow on thursday, which was nothing compared to the snow we are getting now . i am sure the rest of the population in the area isn’t as in much awe as me, but i couldn’t believeContinue reading “the sound of snow”

a grammin kind of weekend

this past weekend, i had my first colorado visitors. donna and zach came all the way from LA and amanda and chris from chicago. amanda, was one of my first friends in LA. through her i met donna and it was like love at first sight for all of us. almost ten years after meetingContinue reading “a grammin kind of weekend”