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My front door leads into a hallway that I have had trouble figuring out how to decorate.  This simple project solved part of the problem! There was some old pieces of wood lying around the house and using pipe and flange from the hardware store, I built a little plant hanger. I also added a shelf using brackets I found at the hardware store for cheap.  You could probably get even more fancy and find some vintage brackets!

You can find pipe and flange at your local hardware store or home depot.  When buying the pieces, which are sold separately, be sure to make sure the pieces of pipe will easily tighten into the flange as sometimes the pieces are not even. Also, buy the cap for the end. Screw the flange into the wood with wood screws and then build your flange out from there!

I found the yarn plant hanger at the Value Village up in Washington when visiting my brother, along with like 3 others. ( I spent $184 at a thrift store that day…something I probably shouldn’t admit…needless to say I scored!)  The other plant hanger I made. I had the idea to make my own plant hangers using baskets and twine.  While shopping at Rolling Greens one day I found a basket with a plastic liner, which is great for drainage.

I ended up using leather from the macrame necklaces I make. I just braided the handle so the basket can hang and added some pieces to the bottom of the basket with some beads.