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i have been making, therefore eating, a lot of crepes lately. this is just one of two posts to come! one day, i started thinking about these yellow pancakes we were served every morning at our riad in marrakech, morocco. they had all these bubbles on top and though i can not really describe what they tasted like, they were tasty and kind of strange. i would fill mine up with the hard boiled eggs and butter that were also served with it, and maybe something sweet too. We honestly had no idea what to do with them, except eat em. recently, i started wondering if this was some sort of traditional moroccan food, and it turns out, they are!!!! moroccan crepes. why, it took me so long to figure this out, i do not know.

i decided i would give these a try! the base is semolina flour, which sounds like it would be gluten free, but it is actually very high in gluten. it is used in many pasta recipes because of the high content. the bubbles, comes from yeast. traditionally, they are served with honey and butter. i was such a tourist eating them wrong and still am! i decided to put a little spin on these. i added saffron and cinnamon to the crepe batter and made an orange butter with zest! obviously, served with moroccan mint tea!

PicMonkey Collagebihbl1 1/2 cups fine semolina

3/4 cup all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon sugar

2 tsp baking powder

3 cups plus 2 tablespoons lukewarm water

1 tablespoon yeast

Mix the flour, semolina, salt, sugar and baking powder in a mixing bowl. In a blender, measure lukewarm water to just over the 3-cup line.

Add the yeast and process on low speed to blend. Gradually add the dry ingredients.

Increase the processing speed and blend for a full minute, or until very smooth and creamy. The batter should be rather thin, like crepe batter.

Pour the batter into a bowl. Cover with plastic wrap, and leave to rest for 30 minutes to one hour, or until the top of the batter is light and a bit foamy.

Heat a small non-stick skillet over medium heat. Stir the batter, and use a ladle to pour batter into the hot skillet. Pour carefully and slowly into the center and the batter will spread evenly into a circle. (Do not swirl the pan as you would for a crepe; the batter should spread itself.) Make the beghrir as large as you like.

Bubbles should appear on the surface of the beghrir as it cooks. Don’t flip the beghrir. It only gets cooked on one side.

Cook for about two to three minutes, or until the beghrir doesn’t appear wet anywhere on the surface. It should feel spongy, but not sticky or gummy, when you touch it lightly with your finger.

Transfer the beghrir to cool in a single layer on a clean kitchen towel. Once they are cool, they can be stacked without sticking.

recipe from

for the butter:

soften a half a stick of butter. add 1 tbsp of orange zest and a bit of juice. mix together and place in a dish.

PicMonkey Collagerhrt PicMonkey Collageufutt


my little adventure isn’t quite over yet, but i thought i would get back on the blog and write a little post that i have had pending. my guest blogger fell through and i am sorry about that…i hate to say something is going to happen and it doesn’t. perhaps, the blog just needed a little rest.

my journey the past week has been a good one. one that i will share lots over the next few weeks in a couple of posts.  i don’t feel too sad it is over, because i will be back on the road again very soon traveling to LA for a job.  oh, the wanderlust that feeds my soul…sigh.

today, i share with you some strawberry scones i made a few weeks back.  i use a barefoot contessa recipe and spice it up with a few extra ingredients!

IMG_7070 IMG_7078 IMG_7085 PicMonkey Collageklnkl

4 cups of flour

2 tbsp of sugar, plus more for sprinkling

2 tbsp of baking powder

2 tsp salt

3/4 lb of cold unsalted butter, diced

4 extra large eggs beaten

1 cup of cold heavy cream

3/4 cup of diced strawberries and blueberries

1 tsp of cinnamon

zest of one orange

1 tbsp of orange blossom water

1 egg beaten for egg wash

preheat oven to 400 degrees

combine the dry ingredients in a mixer with paddle attachment. add in the very cold, diced butter and mix until it turns to pea size. mix the cream and eggs together and mix in with flour/butter mixture until it starts to turn sticky. add in the strawberries/blueberries, zest, cinnamon, and orange blossom. dump dough onto a well floured board and roll out. i cut the whole thing in a rectangle, then divide that into 4 squares, then halve the squares into two on a baking sheet and brush with egg wash and sprinkle with sugar.

the key to these scones is the cold ingredients (butter, eggs, and milk). the cold butter makes the scone fluffy!

serve with clotted cream and tea!

PicMonkey Collageljm;l IMG_7124

IMG_6385 PicMonkey Collageshst PicMonkey Collagehsfhsf PicMonkey Collagegfshsgfs

i have a lot of food posts pending right now. sometimes, i get a bug up my butt and make a bunch of stuff all at once. this past weekend was no exception. i finally got out of the house on friday night, and i realize how much i miss having a social life. saturday, i was suppose to have another outing, but had to turn around because my dog ate a bunch of plastic from the trash and i was worried about him. it was either my frustration at home or my anxiety away. i choose my frustration. i was so disappointed to have to spend another day at the house, since that is pretty much what i do all the time. it was a beautiful weekend. while LA was having 80 degrees, we here in colorado were happy with our 60 degrees!  i was almost half way (which is an hour) to my friends house, when i got off the phone with the vet and decided to go home. on the way back, i decided to stop at this cheese store in longmont (where my bro use to live). i pass right by on 287 and i have been in such desire for good food. and boy did, i treat myself. pastries, cheese, bread, meats. i went nuts. i decided, since i rarely go out to eat anymore, i was going to give myself the excuse to totally spoil myself! or as a psychologist might call it, emotional eating. ha! i was totally okay with it too.

of course, wylie got into the trash again. i am still watching him.

 sunday morning, i woke up and was craving a brunch out with friends so bad. i decided i would bring restaurant brunch here. i was inspired by rachel khoo’s eggs in pots. i used a triple cream brie i had bought instead of creme fraiche. you could use any of these or cream cheese or another kind of melting cheese. i put the cheese into a ramekin and layered it with two eggs, nutmeg, salt, pepper, and dill. i served it with the crusty baguette from the day before. this was simply divine!!!! i kind of want it right now!

i also wanted something sweet. i thought about pancakes, but i had no syrup. so, i opted for a dutch pancake, which might just be better anyway! i am perfectly happy eating this with a little powdered sugar and jam and as my friend donna suggested and the tradition, lemon juice. you can find any old dutch pancake recipe online. i didn’t make this up, so i will just give you a link here!

i hope you had a good weekend! next weekend, be sure to treat yourself to something divine!


no fear, you can have your donut and eat it too. thanks to the donut baking pan.  i actually made these donuts a while back, but just never posted about them.  the photos have been sitting on my computer and luckily go along with my new found inspiration for healthy habits -as it is the new year. one of the hardest parts is restraining from watching cooking shows…those generally inspire me to cook and eat all the time. sorry, barefoot…i will have to abandon you on my dvr for a while.

i have had a donut pan for sometime now and have been waiting for the inspiration to make some. i finally came up with a tasty idea using saffron and orange as flavor with an olive oil base in the cake. this was also my first time baking a high altitude here in colorado. i followed some simple instructions for high altitude baking:

Reduce baking powder: for each teaspoon, decrease 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon.

Reduce sugar: for each cup, decrease 0 to 2 tablespoons.
Increase liquid: for each cup, add 2 to 4 tablespoons.

Increase oven temperature by 25 degrees F.


however, i will give you the regular recipe and you can adjust to your own altitude if needed. i found this website to be helpful, but there are many out there.

PicMonkey CollageIMG_2701


1 cup of flour

1 cup of cake flour

3/4 cup of sugar

2 tsps of baking powder

1/4 tsp of nutmeg

zest of 1 orange

2 large eggs

1 cup of milk

4 tbsp of olive oil


juice of one orange

2 cups of powdered sugar

1/2 tsp of vanilla

1 tsp of saffron

combine flour, cake flour, sugar, baking powder, nutmeg, and salt together in bowl and mix. add the wet ingredients: eggs, milk, olive oil,  and zest. mix all together. pour into donut pan and bake at 350 degrees for 9-12 minutes.

for the glaze, combine the juice of the orange, powdered sugar, vanilla, and saffron together and mix. let the donuts cool and pour the glaze on top!


PicMonkey Collage2PicMonkey Collage1IMG_2799_2

i have been trying, trying, to strictly stick to “healthy”eating…meaning cutting out gluten, dairy, and sugar. well, honestly, i do this as much as possible. i just can’t seem to fully give everything up. man, it’s hard work. for the most part, i should get a B+, for effort and following through.   this weekend though, i wanted to indulge…and man did it feel good. all those emotional indulgent  feelings came rushing back like a good old addict. it was fun! ha!

you know…it’s the little things that can sometimes make a big difference. for example, yesterday i mopped my kitchen floor, which i admit was LONG overdue, suddenly my house felt spanking clean, and smelled great too! or when i actually stop and ask myself why something makes me angry, i can start to overcome the anger, just by simply asking, however, i have to ask myself a few times to get over it. or remembering that life is life, and if i want to indulge for weekend, by golly i am going to. i am not a hollywood actress trying to get parts, i am only looking for love… and if the extra meat on my ass is such an issue for someone, well then they don’t deserve to indulge with me in this life anyway! so, there…let’s eat!

saturday morning, i wanted to make something fun, without the gluten.  i find that to be the easiest thing to cut out. i bought some books based on a SCD diet, which basically cuts out all sugar, grain, starch, and processed foods. it is generally for people with intestinal issues, but i find it interesting, and honestly, the recipes sound pretty darn good! it has cured people of their digestive conditions and allows them to still enjoy very tasty foods.

needless to say, this recipe is not mine. i got it from the book, eat well feel well.  (to learn more about the diet get this book too!) i have tried a few recipes now, using nuts as the “flour” and they are always so tasty!!!! maple syrup is not allowed on the SCD diet, so i tried the honey…and it was delicious! i used honey i purchased from the nutrionist i saw a few weeks back. this honey, is truly raw and alive, where most “Raw” honeys on the market are actually heated in processing.

the recipe in the book is actually for waffles, but i don’t have a waffle iron so, i made them into pancakes! these pancake were so incredibly tasty. they were moist, light but hearty, and i honestly couldn’t tell they were made from pecans!

2 cups of unsalted raw pecans

4 large eggs

8 tbsps unsalted butter, melted, plus more for greasing the skillet

1/4 cup of honey

1 1/2 tsp pure vanilla

1/2 tsp baking soda

pinch of salt

i added 1/4 tsp cinnamon

pulverize the pecans in a food processor until they are finely ground. add the eggs, melted butter, honey, vanilla, baking soda, and salt…blend well. add butter to the skillet and cook away!

drizzle honey over the top! yum!


frittata with kale/shallot/creme fraiche

avocado/tomato/egg on gluten free toast drizzled with olive oil/s+p

lox/cream cheese/fresh dill on whole wheat sourdough

mini gluten free pancakes

fruit salad with lime/honey/mint dressing

gluten free cherry almond muffins

homemade cheese danish

blackberry and sage cooler

pear mimosa’s

 i did another small catering gig this past weekend… a brunch for a group of gal’s learning some new beauty tricks from annie of skin owl. this time, i was welcomed into a lovely kitchen and given the reigns to start cooking! somehow, i managed to get it all done by myself. everyone loved it and kate, the hostess, has already been contacting me about more gigs through her and friends. wowza! never, ever did i see this coming? i mean, i really only started seriously cooking, meaning a lot, a few years ago when i moved into the house i am in now. mostly, because i have the counter space and a dishwasher.  i am pretty sure i have gained like 10 pounds since living here.

 i started recording cooking shows on the dvr( my le cordon blue) around the same time that i worked on last year’s season of  Food Network Star.   i was in charge of helping the contestants with their personal wardrobe, maintaining and choosing outfits. i also was in charge of rounding up all the aprons…and if you have ever worked in a kitchen you know how bad those aprons can smell.

 i was backstage during all those challenges and could smell all the cooking while the contestants are competing for their life dream.  i don’t think i even knew it at the time…but i may have been inspired.  i was also generally bitching because the hours were brutal. 14 to 16 hour days…sometimes 6 days a week.  i went to NYC for two weeks at the end of the season and got to roam around the food network studios and even had to pick up Bobby Flay and Michael Symon’s Iron Chef shirts from the office (not to mention all the food networks chefs i got to meet!!! or my photo shoot with bobby, thanks to my friends and his personal stylist).  i found this…quite exciting, more so than many of my hollywood experiences!  one day, i brought in some homemade banana bread with chocolate and butterscotch chips. while getting the contestants dressed for an elimination, they snacked on the bread and one of them commented that i should be a baker. something about that compliment encouraged me. if someone who has worked really hard to get to where they are and is on a tv show competing to have their own cooking show…well, i can’t be horrible at this?

right after the show, i flew from NYC to europe. while in italy, i did a lot of cooking in our little kitchen at the farm house. i gained more confidence after being able to make some pretty decent things using a really small amount of basic ingredients, italian ingredients.  i use to be envious of my friend amy, who could open up a fridge and make anything from nothing.  i feel like i’ve got some of that now! i came home and have been cooking ever since.

the point is, i guess,this whole thing has already manifested into something i wasn’t expecting or searching for really. i enjoy it, and still it is generally unintentional.   my dad sent me a book in the mail yesterday on how to start your own catering business.


my friend, rebecca, had her baby on friday! last night was their first night at home as a family.  i wanted to shower them with food, as all new parents should be. after some contemplating i came up with BLD: breakfast. lunch. and dinner…in a box!

i tried to put some of rebecca’s favorite things in there like bresaola ( she is kosher and it is the one cured meat she can eat), bread, carmel corn, pasta, pellegrino,  ice cream(since, she wanted lots of that during her pregnancy), and a cucumber/tomato salad i made once and she always talks about it! for greg…well, he got beer and food…what more could he want?!! i dropped it off in front of their door and drove off, but not before they called me back and i got to spend a little time with them and the new baby. there is something so magnificent about a brand new baby in the room.  i have already teared up like 3 times(once at the hospital) at the sight of these dear friends as new parents.

BREAKFAST : granola and milk. greek gods honey yogurt ( my friend turned me onto this and it is so damn good!)

LUNCH:  bresaola/arugula/whole grain mustard/olive oil/s+p on fresh baguette

DINNER: pesto/ pea/ parmesan bow tie pasta

cucumber/tomato/red onion/feta salad

DESSERT: ice cream/chocolate sauce/ slivered almonds

EXTRAS: carmel corn/pellegrino/and beer!

i took an old box, cut off the top (with a not so straight line!) and stenciled “BLD BOX” on the front!

i also opened up the trader joe’s ice cream and ate some before i gave it to them. therefore, i had to stop and buy a new tub on the way to their house! hahaha!  hey, it’s summer and i am craving ice cream!

they loved the box and currently had no food in the fridge…perfect timing!

let me just take this opportunity on a food post to rant.

life sure is funny…isn’t it? about a month ago i decided that i was really ready to leave LA.  i clearly hinted around to it on the blog, but i never wanted to come out and actually say it until i was completely ready.  something just felt done here. like, put a fork in me! i would drive around and still do, reminicising about the past ten years living here, the people i have met, the things i have accomplished or haven’t. and although i was sad at the idea of saying goodbye, it also feels very right. true, so to speak.  i feel full. i feel like i can say i gave it ten years… ten whole years of my life! i had a dream when i was a little girl to to move to LA…bright lights, big city.  and by golly, i did it! sometimes, i still feel like the 22 year old girl who moved here. sometimes, i feel like the old hag, single, living in a big city. i fear nothing will change if i stay. i fear it is a impossible to leave.

now, i dream and i want to drive on country roads. i want to be simple. i want to feel simple. i want out of this hollywood jungle.  i want to meet some guy whose priorities are not to be famous, rich, or important.  (not to say that is every guy in LA…but). most of all, i am ready for some NEW experiences.  of course, i would love for my life to be like a romantic comedy, and i move and i meet this guy who can cut wood with an axe and maybe he wears a cowboy hat, but honestly, when i imagine moving i imagine me, just me figuring something out. because i don’t think i have yet to figure out what i want to be when i grow up.

this is so cliche, but when i read eat pray love i was soooo ready to have my eat pray love moment. 6 months later i went to europe with a friend. i went to europe again last year, but it sure is expensive,and the trips were not a year’s worth of soul searching, ending in love. i don’t know how i would move to europe with no money, a dog, and a cat.  if you read my blog or you know me, you know i have a major amount of wanderlust.  now, does this stem from constantly trying to escape LA…or is that just who i have become? when i first spoke with my parents about my recent desire to move…my dad suggested i be a nomad, going off to try different places. i suppose his suggestion and approval of such an idea sparked something in me.  a few weeks ago i started daydreaming about being a nomad…maybe living in a camper driving around with wylie and lola. stopping off in different places around the country, seeing people i know, finding odd jobs to make money, and blogging about it.  i have said it before, but i am the happiest when traveling…free.  maybe it is escapism…maybe it is just me. maybe i would move to a small town and just itch for the big city. maybe i would move to a different city and just itch for a farm.  maybe this is my lot in life and my curse…wanderlust. and therefore my curse with love.  maybe, my dream of being simple is just that, a dream. maybe it will be the hardest thing to accomplish, because essentially i don’t know that i am, simple. i am not just a blueberry or a lemon. more like the ricotta leftover from the cheese.

i knew that when i felt in my heart it was time to go, something would road block me or force me to make a hard decision. i knew things would start picking up with work and opportunities, i would find a contentment of happiness,  or i would finally meet a guy in LA i actually wanted to date.  no dude here…but the opportunities have kept me mighty busy and will until the end of august.  now, this is great! right? yes, it is…but the ambitious part of me is afraid i won’t be able to walk away. or is this just a high point…will september roll around and it is back to the same struggles? i was talking with one of the loves of my life, donna, last night and she complimented me with being multi-talented. which is great, amazing! i love that! but i also have my foot in like 6 different doors…i don’t know which one i want or if i want any of them and it kind of drives me crazy. perhaps, the core of my desire to find simplicity. wardrobe has been my career for 10 years now, but i am not inspired anymore.  i started the necklace thing, and although i get a million compliments, the craft fairs haven’t really been a success…i need to take around to boutiques, but then all these other opportunities seems to take precedence over that. like traveling, wardrobe jobs(where i actually make the most money), catering gigs (which kind of came out of nowhere), party planning, picture taking, searching for a new medium, constantly in need of cleaning my house and car,  and the blog. the blog…where it all comes together.  it seems the blog has become my own personal journal…and journey.  hence, even this post. i mean, do people really want to read this shit? i don’t know, but i suppose it feels better to sometimes type it out and send it out there with no real idea of where it goes, who reads it, and what they think.

but i feel good despite my confusion on what it is i am suppose to do or be or where. a bit stressed at uncertainty, but good. i am riding the waves. for the first time in a long time, i feel like the world is my oyster again.

i guess my ranting kind of works out for this post because i have nothing really to say about gluten free blueberry and lemon ricotta muffins, except that i just wanted to make them!

2 cups of almond flour

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp baking soda

2 eggs

1/8 cup of coconut oil, melted

1/8 cup of ricotta

1/4 cup of honey

2 tbsp of sugar

1 cup of blueberries

zest and juice of one lemon

preheat the oven to 350degrees.

combine dry ingredients in a bowl. combine wet ingredients in a mixer. slowly incorporate the dry ingredients into the wet. scoop into a muffin tin ( i use an ice cream scoop). bake for about 20-25 minutes or until golden brown on top!

sooo…this is a pretty simple smoothie. i was more or less just inspired to take pictures and post when i started crushing the cherries and their juice splattered like paint. and there this post was created. i had a ton of cherries and some bananas and had been dreaming about making them into a smoothie all day. so, i did!

for the rest of the week, i shall disappear from the blogging world, as i am giving myself the week off.

i will be sitting by the beach…  hopefully, not developing a burn which won’t be hard as tropical storm debby is here for a visit. hopefully, she doesn’t stay too terribly long.

7-8 cherries

1 banana

1/4 cup greek yogurt

water (or some kind of milk if you like)

you can also add dates or honey for sweetness

blend on high speed with some ice cubes to make it cold!


i also made this with mangos instead of cherries…super yum!

man, oh man. another inspiring weekend/week. laura (my dear friend that we went to CO to see) was in town for the past 5 days doing a photo shoot with our other friend kate. it was such a treat to get to spend more time with the lady! a complete girls love fest complete with an actual girls marathon, a walking tour of downtown LA, the land art exhibit at the MOCA, photo shoots, and lots and lots of laughter. not to mention the night we watched new year’s eve, which might be the worst movie of all time, but totally worth watching for the sheer pleasure of making fun!

sunday brunch happened at my house and was an impromptu attempt on a whim! i made a spinach/goat cheese/herb fritata and cherry/banana/nutella pancakes with caramel sauce. to drink, orange water! it was simple, easy, and a nice little end to the weekend before we all headed back to our real lives. of course, kate and i found an excuse to order take out and watch game of thrones after taking laura to the airport…just not ready to end the sheer joy of good friend’s company. i am sad the fun is over, but happy to have had the moments of the weekend!

photos from laura and i’s little round about in downtown LA. we walked from my house. had lunch at grand central market. paid 50cents to take angels flight. sat in the park at angel’s knoll and admired butterflies. happy hour at umamicutessan. finished off at the MOCA for the land art exhibit. lovely.


9 eggs

2 garlic cloves

1/4 cup of white onion (or shallot)

spinach (as much as you want)


3 tablespoons of parmesan cheese

1/4 cup of goat cheese

variety of fresh herbs( i used basil, dill, thyme, oregano…but any will do really!)


i had bananas and cherries that were going to go bad…so, i decided to throw them in with some bisquick pancake mix. i added some nutella and made a caramel sauce because i was out of maple syrup! boom!

pancake mix (bisquick, gluten free, your own)

1/4 cup of cherries

1 1/2 bananas

2 tablespoons of nutella

recipe for caramel sauce here

for the orange water just cute some slices of oranges and add to the water squeezing some of the juice in! done.

 i have to admit i am not sure i ever meant for the blog to become so personal in the beginning, but it seems to be the direction it has taken. sometimes i just can’t help to but to share the happy, great moments when friends and love trump all. i can’t thank these ladies enough for having been in my life for so long, since 1997, still bringing so much laughter, joy, and inspiration to my life. i can’t wait to share the photo shoot laura and i did in my backyard… but here are a few silly photos from the shoot laura and kate were working on (me and the dogs tagged along to help)…of the three of us being completely, well,(insert subtle sarcasm here) cool.