DIY: harvesting sage and yarrow

i have been taking my time these days and spending it on the property harvesting goodies and making special projects with them. sage, chokecherries, and yarrow have been my main foraging glory. i feel like i am in heaven when hunting for things in nature. it is so special to find mother earth’s gifts. iContinue reading “DIY: harvesting sage and yarrow”


gluten free coconut cake with coconut & honey icing

my friend’s, stacy and alan, (whom are also getting married this summer) are kind enough to stay at my house when i travel to snuggle with wylie and lola. they bring their dog steven…and it is one big snuggle fest. being the crazy, overbearing dog/cat mother that i am, it makes me feel way moreContinue reading “gluten free coconut cake with coconut & honey icing”