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is it narcissistic to do a curiosity space on my own house? perhaps, but i do find my own house curious. i find it curious how quickly it can become a mess, how fast dishes pile up, how cleaning is so hard for me to start to do. maybe thats why i moved away, so i didn’t have to clean for guests, because i rarely have any. just kidding. i did however think how, really, i am kind of creating my own art residency. i don’t consider myself an “artist”, but maybe one day i would like to. really, i just want to work on the things that make me happy. i felt distracted in LA, and besides my kitty being terribly sick the past week, the distractions are on a much smaller scale here. i have a work room where i can actually set everything out, leave it out to come back to, and just somewhere that feels like i am doing something right.  i think besides my work room, the living room is my favorite. i love the fireplace, although from time to time i feel ultra guilty using so much gas. i love the saddle blanket i found at an antique store down the street (have i mentioned the plethora of antique and thrift stores around here? amazing!) that sits by the fireplace, i love looking out the window and seeing the horses across the street. i did  buy a few new pieces when i got here since i lost all those built-in’s in LA.

the kitchen, has taken some getting use to for me, coming from the one i had in LA which i am pretty sure that one will be hard to beat out for a long time. i don’t have as much storage and i have not been as inspired to cook yet, but i think that will just take some time. i do however, have a lovely window that brings so much light in. i have a few herb plants basking in the sun there ( i need more!!! i do miss my year round garden terribly). i also now have a kitchen table. something i didn’t have at my last place in LA. it doubles as a work space for cooking and general dumping grounds when i walk into the front door.

the bedroom has also become my office. my long desk sits in front of windows that overlook the river. in a way it is kind of nice, not just because of the windows, but because the computer is like having a tv in the bedroom. except, i can’t stream anything because my satellite internet sucks big time, not because it won’t stream, but because it uses too many gb. let me say it again, satellite internet sucks big time! moving on, luckily, all my clothes fit in the closet. however, a pile still generally accumulates on the floor. the bathroom is tiny, but has a claw foot tub. my first home to have one!  the house also comes equipped with a laundry/mud room that leads into the side yard that is fenced in. i have the tiniest little washer and dryer and a place to store all those odds and ends. i haven’t set up the back porch or side yard yet. it’s not that it hasn’t been warm enough, but i think once spring comes around and i can start planting things again, it will be fun to spruce up these areas! so, that will be a post to come a few months from now. i miss having a california yard, not gonna lie. i miss my garden, but i am excited for the prospects of one down the road. i am excited about the seasons,and the changes they bring.

on a  lola update, since many of my friends know about my life through my blog, wink wink, she has a really horrible deep ulcer. it is not cancer, thank god, but we just need to get her to eat. the girl is slowly coming back to herself. it has been such a stressful time for me. lola and wylie are my babies, and its so hard to see her suffer. she seems to be doing well in general though and wylie has been a pretty good boy too, leaving her be and letting me give her attention, for the most part anyway.


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well, guys. i did it. i moved. although, sometimes i feel like i may just be on one of my weekend adventures, day by day i slowly start realizing this is my new home. especially, since all my shit is in this house. (which, will be posted about as soon as it all comes together!) i am living in a mix of country and suburbia…just more on the country side. i am not a huge fan of strip malls and fast food, but it seems that is to be my life for a bit. besides my friends, good restaurants seem to be my biggest grievance yet. it is going to take some research and work to find the good places, probably traveling to denver and boulder to find it. even then, i am not fully convinced yet. i am a food snob. although, a starbucks drive thru aint half bad!  what i can say though, is that it is beautiful here. the people are NICE, the men are handsome. did i mention the people are nice? because they are! hopefully, we can stay tuned for the “the men are handsome” part! wink wink!

sure, there have already been a few moments where i want to completely panic when i start to get the slightest bit lonely. i have to talk myself out of it and remember why i did this, and try to concentrate on the projects ahead. thank god for the two friends i do have here! my friend natalie came up for the day yesterday and we took a little walk in the “neighborhood”. i live next door to a saddle ranch. literally, next door. i can see the horses from my living room. i caught wylie shaking to the bone the other day when he heard them naying! poor guy, he is such a street dog.  it really hasn’t been that cold yet, but just enough to run the fireplace …everyday.  i open my back door,when the fireplace gets a little too hot,  to hear rushing water from the river. the leaves are crunchy, the coyotes are howling, and the coziness of it all is not forsaken.

we took a walk down the road which apparently, becomes private property once the road turns into gravel. we ran into the owner of the ranch no our way back, and she sure seems to run a tight ship! oops! so,basically the photos above are trespassing photos. it was worth it though, to see what is just down the road and up the hill. this rustic pasture and stable just sitting up there wanting to be gawked at. sometimes, the best ideas come from turning that corner or going over that hill.

there are so many beautiful and rustic things around the property. below are photos from around my yard and road. i can only imagine what this place looks like in the spring, or when it SNOWS!!!!

there are so many things i can’t wait to explore in the area and share with you all. there are many adventures ahead, much reflection, and new beginnings.


sooooooooo… i did it. i signed a lease in colorado, and this is my new home. i am excited, nervous, confused, sentimental, and excited all over again. how did i get to this place?, i have now been asking myself. it has finally hit me what all this drive, complaining, and contemplation has done…it will change my life. well, for 6 months at least. i signed a six month lease, just in case it turns out i am not a country girl ( or i can’t find a job). i am looking at it like a 6 month adventure. i have daydreamed of living somewhere like this for a long time now. probably, since i was in college.

it is a charming property that sits on the big thompson river between estes park and loveland, colorado. the topography on the county road to get there is stunning. it reminds me of a cross between new mexico, utah, and colorado.  perfection.  there are three houses on the property so, i won’t be completely alone…and across the river live some very nice neighbors.the landlord is amazing, and the neighbor a handy man (probably good for a girl moving from LA to middle of nowhere!) the sweetest couple came over in their vintage 1930’s truck to say hello…and i fell in love with them immediately. i have a fireplace, a small room for my art, a river to fish in, a garden to plant in, a field for wylie to run in, the sounds of rushing water, and inspiration all around me. down the street is a gem & mineral store (i mean could that be any more perfect?), a shack of a coffee shop, a native american trading post,colorado cherry company, the dam store is a neighbor, and a saddle ranch that my dad has been dying to go to. i mean, as i am writing this, and realizing what my life is going to be by middle of november, well frankly, it feels surreal.

i have no idea what to expect, if my life will change, if i will feel different. if the things that i seek will come forth. i do know, this will be an adventure, it will be a challenge, it will probably be lonesome sometimes, i will miss my LA family so much.

will i make friends?

will i be living too far from the two i have there already? will wylie be happy? will i be happy? will i miss the city? will i be inspired?

 from talking to other friends though, these all seem like normal feelings.

but everyone better come and visit!!!!!!!


after my last post of ranting…i am back to positive posting!  it is labor day and i plan on laboring away at some sun and glory projects.  i have been anxious to get working again on making necklaces ( with a few orders to get out), working on the online shop, photos, more art rock, and even working on some hand drawn cards. for now, here is a sneak peek at the photo shoot my friend laura and i did in colorado a few weeks back.


I arrived back in LA yesterday from my road trip to Denver. Good lord, is the scenery stunning across this country!! The first day Wylie and I drove from LA to St George, Utah.  We stayed the night at Crescent Moon Inn, which is situated about 15-20 minutes off I-15.  I could not have picked a better place and this stay was one of my favorite parts of the trip.  The drive is short from LA to St George, and when we arrived we had some time to do a few things in the area.  The Inn is located in a housing community and the room felt more like an apartment.  It was clean, modern, and had a small stocked kitchen.  First things first, Wylie and I went on a hike on the Anasazi Trail, which was just a short distance down the street.  It was hot (I love desert heat), but incredibly beautiful.  We hiked for a while in search of petroglyphs, only to turn around because I thought we had gone too far. Turns out, after I asked someone at the bottom, we had not gone far enough. I  was bummed, but the scenery was still well worth it.  We got back to the room and I made a little dinner ( somehow I managed to NOT eat fast food the entire drive out there) and watched some of the good old Olympics.  At dusk, we sat by the lake just over a small hill from the front door and went for a dip in the pool down the street as it was getting dark.  The place was so quite, practically empty, and one of the most relaxing nights I have had in a while.  There is a small artist community down the street as well, but it was closed while we were there. All in all, I have to say the situation itself being within a community is strange, but I would stay there again in a heartbeat! My only complaint was how loud the upstairs guest was, as they woke me up at like 6am and didn’t stop making noise until 8am!

The next day was a long one in the car, but amazing.  I was in awe of how incredibly stunning the views were, especially through the swell.  (Unfortunately, I forgot my memory card at home and only had the iPhone for pictures.)Every turn my breath was taken away and  I felt like I was on a different planet. The colors would change from green,red, yellow, stone, back to red, pink,sometimes purple and onto brown and then suddenly everything is green again.

 After Grand Junction, the scenery starts to change again…into the beauty that is Colorado.  At this point, I was getting tired and a needed to stop and stretch a lot.  We hit up one rest stop in Glendwood Springs, situated right by the river which was a chocolate brown.  While Wylie and I  searched for oompa loompas, I got a call about a possible wardrobe job. Suddenly, my anxiety spikes.  Here I am sitting by this river and after hours of contemplation I had this idea in my mind about wanting to slow things down. Now, I was torn…with ambition (because I really wanted the job) and peace.  Is there a happy medium? Just one of the few questions that spiked up on the trip.

We arrive in Denver and the first night stayed with my friends Laura and Burke.  There new apartment is awesome ( and a curiosity space to come!).  The trip all in all was great.  My friends were kind enough to support me on my adventure helping me scope out areas and showing me their own. The first day we spent checking out lots of cool places in Denver. One of which was this store I am now in love with called Ironwood.  I even talked with the owner about getting my necklaces and rocks in for Holiday!  Laura took me around to some of her other favorite shops and we stopped by to see her current exhibit that is up. We went to the MCA and saw some art and had a beer on the roof…ending the evening with a walk and dinner in their old neighborhood called the Highlands. Sunday night we had dinner at Williams and Graham, a super cute speak easy type restaurant with an extensive drink list from the prohibition era. It was quite charming!

I also stayed with my friend Natalie, whom I have known for a very long time as well. She and her fiancé just recently moved to Denver, in the Broomfield area.  Nat and I drove up to check out Fort Collins one day and then went on to check out Lyons.  We decide it would be a good idea to drive up to Estes Park, but I forgot that wasn’t a good idea without any gas. I stupidly thought we would make it there, but we decided to take the scenic route. Not even half way up, I thought for sure we were going to be stranded in the mountains. The funny thing is, Natalie and I ran out of gas one time in college together. Thank god for laughter though, as much as I super duper nervous, we were laughing our asses off.  Luckily we coasted into town on fumes. Lesson learned!? I have been to Estes Park a number of times with my family. Cute little town, beautiful mountains. My parents even went on their honeymoon there!

The next day me, Laura, and Natalie took a ride up to Boulder. We went to see Laura’s studio, which I will include in the curiosity space, and then drove up to Nederland.  The drive was amazing, people were climbing rocks, playing in the river and once we got up to Nederland, a thunderstorm came to town.  On the way back down we found a spot and did a photoshoot for my necklace line and new webshop to come! This was another favorite part of the trip, getting creative in the mountains? What more could you ask for?

Natalie went with me the following day to look at a cabin outside of Boulder.  We didn’t get to go inside as we just missed the guy, but it was quite charming and kind of everything I want. It had a greenhouse, a compost toilet (outside…maybe not ideal, but), wood burning heat, mountain living all the way. I can’t stop thinking about it…but I am in limbo about my decision still.  Then we drove to Eldorado Springs, where I would live in a heartbeat….just not sure how often things become available. . So charming, quaint, beautiful and exactly what I would want!

All in all, I love Colorado. I love LA. I have a lot to think about…let’s just end it with that…for right now!

man, what a weekend! that fresssssh, high altitude air surely makes a mark every time…and i think that mark is getting deeper and deeper. i might just explode if i don’t let that mark heal…by moving. shall i even say, i feel closer to leaving this land of angels? because next week i might be right back where i was last week. oh, geez. i sure wear myself out.

but let’s talk about how awesome the weekend really was!! old friends, new friends, landscape, and relaxation. we were somewhere between buena vista and salida, colorado. an area known as the “banana belt” due to mild winters. a high mountain desert with mild temperatures…does it get much better than that? i have to admit, after my last trip through washington and oregon, i missed the desert. i love a good lush forrest, but there is something about an open desert landscape: the sunshine, the air, and being able to see for miles. this was kind of like the best combo.

we stayed at mt princeton resort, but spent most of our time at laura and burke’s cabin down the street. equipped with their own hot spring, a creek, and a constant party! sometimes i felt as though time was standing still…slowly passing along to take in the smallest of moments. there was so much laughter, silliness, and smiles.

laura and burke had such a smooth set up.  normally everyone is running around,i’ll just say it, like assholes. luckily, they were able to set up the day before. so, we helped decorate and ice cupcakes in between dips in the hot spring, beers, and silliness.

laura and burke were actually married already and this was the party to celebrate. the  decorations were so intimate and creative. i wouldn’t expect any less from laura.

each guest received a corsage(ladies) and a pendant (dudes) handmade by miss laura. not to mention the lovely little gifts of jewelry she made us as well. we were spoiled.  if you haven’t already figured it out, LURKE is a combo of their names, laura and burke. so, we also all got a lurke pin. the tables were decorated with doilies, succulents, candles, and trinkets. colorful flag banners, paper lanterns, and tissue poms filled the room with color. i was severely admiring the vintage and colorful dessert table, not to mention the 20 cupcakes i may have consumed.  laura’s mom was the cutest with her frilly socks and crochet gloves.

but the cutest of all…laura and burke. love is the bestest !!! and so are my friends!


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