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this past weekend we did our last craft fair, renegade.  i have to say this may have been my favorite of all of them.  maybe because my expectations were low…maybe because i was glad it was the last one…maybe because it was outside.  the shoppers were full of compliments and it was just all around a fun day, not to mention how much i love eating at all the food trucks!  the co-founder of renegade, susie, even came to our booth with her husband and bought some stuff from marianne and sean and she bought one of my driftwood pieces. we talked about the midwest and escaping the city life.  always a compliment when the people that run the show notice your stuff and take the time to chat.

each show has been different. at unique LA people bought the earrings, at patchwork people bought nothing, at renegade people were really into the necklaces and my little trinket art. the last photo is of a custom order i did for a customer from unique LA…and i got another one off of that at renegade! marianne and i finally did a trade and i scored an awesome terrarium (pictured above) and some sweet air plants, like one of those really big babies!

next week, i am off to colorado for “research” on my next move in life. i have a photo shoot planned for the necklaces while i am there and am super excited! stay tuned!


patchwork craft fair (our booth set up)

my lovely/dirty neighborhood

work and too many polos

my ONE marionberry that turned purple!

squash and tomatos

those sweet animals that live with me

i don’t have a food post for you today. haven’t been cooking that much lately…but busy doing lots of other stuff. although, i did attempt risotto for the first time last night…certain i would be blogging about it today. it wasn’t bad…it wasn’t great either.

i deleted myself off Facebook, but got back on instagram. i realized, i could only handle one social network at a time. now, when driving around LA, i notice people taking photos with their iPhone…i am pretty sure they are going to upload it to instagram. oh, our lovely addictions as a society. if you want to follow me you can @sunandglory.

it is june gloom here in LA. which means, gloomy mornings. kind of a joke after spring blooms and summer like days. now, we must wait until july.

i head to florida with my whole family on saturday. counting down the days!!! looking forward to humidity, salty air, ocean waves, family, and food! oh, yes…oh, yes!

unique LA was a success!!! we had such a great time and i have to say that i learned a whole hell of a lot! there were a whole lot of highlights for me, but i think the biggest stand out moment was when sonja, the creator and founder of unique LA, purchased one of my necklaces and wore it the whole day!  i couldn’t have asked for a better compliment! thank you, sonja!

i have lots of photos to share of the booth.  marianne, sean, and i cohesively and smoothly created a booth trying to be as frugal as possible, only purchasing a few key pieces and then using things from around each of our houses. i am including some ideas as well for booth set ups. as newbies at our first craft fair we were’t sure what to expect with the setup. so, we both searched the internet for ideas, but it was hard to find. we thought why not help out others, if they want it or need it, with our trials and tribulations of a booth set up.

we wanted to do something for the backdrop as opposed to the white plexi walls.  i found some thin brown paper at a local hardware store and with some poster tape it laid very nicely. we thought about using the big rolls of brown paper….but it can sometimes buckle and we wanted something that looked neat.  although, our neighbors had a nice paper wall set up using the big sheets, but they have been doing this a while! i still really like the way ours turned out!
and look, there is donna g! she came to help me set up.  she was a great merchandiser!

i have to say, i think the booth turned out pretty darn good. we all love merchandising though and have all worked retail…so, it was a no brainer in a way. i have to say there are a few things i would change about mine. it started to become a bit cluttered and there was a lot to look at (a general theme in my life). i would probably do a different tablecloth next time, something more simple… and possibly move the sign.  i played around with the merchandising throughout the event to see how people responded. making it a bit more simple seemed to draw a few more people in and when i featured different items on the wood on the table, it was picked up much more often!

i tried spreading out the necklaces or doing more simple pieces in-between.

we decided to do one joint wall in the back to tie our two booths together and then we would take either side for our own shops.  marianne came up with the idea to do the ladder and the shelves. i pitched in the idea to do cinder blocks as a base for the bottom shelf.  marianne and sean bought 3 blocks and 4 bricks. the bricks are layered between the cinder blocks, if you look closely.

i found all these sticks in my brothers backyard that i really wanted to use to hang necklaces from.  i attached a nail (per sean’s brilliant idea)to one side and wrapped twine around the nail and ladder to secure it. the other side was strung from a door hook from home depot.

sean came up with the idea to secure the top shelf in place with rope. brilliant! they also had a lot of hanging terrariums to hang and they came up with this brilliant chicken wire and rope display. the globes hang from s hooks!

now…let’s break it up by our sides.  marianne and i hit up a vintage furniture dealer downtown to buy some crates. i took this old drawer and added some small eyelet hooks so i could hang necklaces from s hooks.

i also did two slabs of cheap wood from the local hardware store that were already cut. i stained them and added some hefty nails to hang necklaces from.

i made signs by staining almost paper thin wood and using recycled brown paper. i burned the edges of the paper.

earrings and keychains hung from vases i had at my house.

i found the pyramid display case on ebay. i added in pieces of fern for some green and earth.

my sister in law made me this wood art that sits on an old rake. i used the rake part to hang the more delicate jewelry from. the mirror i bought at a vintage store in highland park.

now, let’s go over to marianne and sean’s side. they rocked it! people loved the terrariums and ate them up! be sure to check out marianne’s blog and her online store. if you want to make your own terrariums she sells supplies!!

i LOVED their side! it looked so pretty, and like a real store! they did such a great job merchandising and the neon pods gave such a perfect pop of color! people would b-line it for the booth…no joke!

i think our sides meshed together really well!  although, i have to say we had a totally different customer. i wasn’t sure what to expect, but now i do! it was fun to watch this and figure it all out as it went along.  we made some really great connections and have some fun things planned for the future. two more shows this summer, patchwork june 10 and renegade july 28-29.

we also have a little secret brewing…

lots of necklaces being made these days to get ready for unique la may 12 and 13! i am nervous and anxious to see how these little guys do at the craft fair! we have been working hard on our booth concept too! sooo much to do in the next week and a half! check out my booth partner, marianne…and her bf sean, over at bird and feather and her blog smitten living!

i have been expanding the line with earrings, keychains, and  a brand new line of simple necklaces. a nautical/knot theme is brewing as well(for next time). also, working on some rock and driftwood art and trying to work in some wall hangings. check out my rock drawings on apartment therapy from a few years ago.

i could get use to making stuff for a living.