peach and hot pepper whiskey

ok, so enough feeling sorry for myself. yesterday, was one of those kind of posts,  but thanks for your comments and for reading. i had to do another post today …i get anal about which ones are the first to pop up…and my internal ranting isn’t the one i want to be on top.  withContinue reading “peach and hot pepper whiskey”


rhubarb ice tea

there is so much rhubarb growing in my garden right now, though i didn’t actually plant it, i figure someone should be par-taking in this glorious, crazy, edible stuff.  i have been slowly harvesting it and trying to come up with recipes other than the classic rhubarb strawberry pie. i mean, who doesn’t like pie?Continue reading “rhubarb ice tea”

drink: rose water lemonade

i recently went to a little french restaurant in longmont with my mom while she was visiting. frankly, i was just excited to be eating out, to be eating french food, and an eclair for that matter! rarity’s since my move here. i ordered rose lemonade and i immediately became obsessed. i love anything iContinue reading “drink: rose water lemonade”

Lime and Lemon or Lemon and Lime?

I very much enjoy those large square ice cubes that have become popular amongst “mixoligists” these days. So much, that I tracked down some trays at Williams and Sonoma.  They look so pretty in your glass and you only need one! Add a lemon or lime slice to make it even more fun. But don’tContinue reading “Lime and Lemon or Lemon and Lime?”