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I have yet to meet a farro salad I didn’t like. It’s like meaty and nutty and delicious and all at the same time.  I think I am currently in love with it. Of course, we met a while back, but like most relationships probably should progress, my love was slowly growing… until I was on set last week and there was a farro salad with squash for lunch (photo shoots have the best food, especially Target photo shoots). I started to ask why I have yet to make this at home. Then I had it again with a breakfast dish on Sunday at Canele. The farro was accompanied by eggs (love at first sight) and siracha (another slow love that progressed) and bacon( a love affair, really). I started thinking up ways to make this farro tasty…also while trying to be healthy…another attempt anyway this new year. I love to cook, but when it’s just me I like to make it simple.  No recipes really…just quick and easy.I’m not trying to be a chef without actually being a chef.  I don’t plan on getting a book deal out of my recipes…I just more or less want to tell you what I ate. Just kidding…I already have a book deal.

No, I don’t.

I am still working on that new camera though to make prettier pictures. I got all excited about it this morning and then I came home and checked my bank account. I spent all my money on farro salad.

1 cup of farro

3/4 cup of cherry tomatoes,diced

2 tbsps on parsley,chopped

1 clove of garlic,chopped

1 shallot,chopped

1/2 cup of feta,diced

2 tbsp of olive oil

lemon zest

salt and pepper

I poured the hot farro onto the chopped garlic and shallot.  It got the flavors and smell going. Add all the ingredients and stir. Serve with some chicken or by itself!!

I can’t wait to continue to try new things with farro! Check out one of JOY THE BAKER’S recipes as well. I adore this blog! Her pictures are lovely and her writing so charming and funny and true!