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2011 was filled with a whole lot of bullshit for me, I won’t lie, I am incapable of doing so. But today begins 2012 and onward I go… I finally feel FREE!!!! I am excited to learn more about me, like the fact that I will turn 32 this year… wow, i had no idea I was that old!. I am excited to get lost in creativity, because creativity to me isn’t a hobby…but a form of survival. That is…like …  totally dramatic.

I rarely ever get into New Year’s.  I was in bed last night at 9pm, at my parent’s house. But this year I have a list of resolutions and plans to share! Here they go…

  1. pump more iron
  2. protect myself with dignity and stop compromising myself for others
  3. get lost in creative projects… all the time. and stop judging and comparing that creativity. it is my own.
  4. get a dog or move to italy or find a farm to live on…i will take all three, actually!
  5. get better and more creative styling jobs
  6. get my car cleaned
  7. get a haircut
  8. have a dance party at least once a week…even if by myself, actually preferably by myself!
  9. get a tattoo ( a small one, mom)
  10. take more risks in love and other scary things
  11. recognizing much quicker when people are showing you who they are…good and bad
  12. take better blog pictures and come up with amazing posts
  13. try and stay up past 10pm
  14. give myself more credit
  15. loving, laughing, and doing…smile more
  16. dress up more
  17. appreciating physical objects i possess and stop spending money on more physical objects
  18. shop more…wait… shit
  19. appreciate my family more and spend more time with those that give me the giggles
  20. learn to sing like florence from florence + the machine

Okay, maybe not that last one, but I will pretend in the car or during those solo dance parties.  I just became obsessed with Florence + the machine yesterday, totally behind the times…I know! But as I rode the amtrak from Chicago to St Louis yesterday for 5 hours I listened to her and it motivated me for the new year! So, I will end this post, dramatically, with two videos.

happy new year everyone! i hope everyone is as excited about it as me! may it be filled with all the you desire!

love, annie