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Apples emit a lot of ethylene gas. It has the effect of speeding up the ripening process of fruits and vegetables kept together with apples. When combined with potatoes, apples prevent them from sprouting.

Keeping roots in a vertical position allows the organism to save energy and remain fresh for a longer time. This shelf gives a place for them to stand easily, using sand. At the same time, sand helps to keep the proper humidity

Rice absorbs humidity easily. The spice container with rice inside helps spices stay dry without forming into lumps.

An egg has millions of holes in its shell. It absorbs the odour and substance around itself very easily. This creates a bad taste if it’s kept in the fridge with other food ingredients. This shelf provides a place for eggs outside of the fridge. Also the freshness of eggs can be tested in the water. The fresher they are, the further they sink.

this is even better than the vintage printables from earlier today. found via all the mountainsthis website is about saving food from the fridge.

we abuse our food so badly…so badly. in so many ways, i sometimes find it overwhelming. i find this super inspiring and i love the tidbits of knowledge.

check out jihyun ryou’s creations at save food from the fridge

and the blog too… where you can share your knowledge. for example, did you know that tomatoes should not be put in the fridge for they loose their flavor?  if you buy fresh herbs or greens you can put them in a vase with water(below the leaves) to help them last longer. and it’s pretty! actually, cookbook, my favorite  little grocer here in LA, does this!

anyone else have any tidbits?

let me start by saying i consumed way too much sugar this weekend. see, i can’t just make one thing at a time for the blog. i have to do like 4 things at once. i never have just one idea, i have a million or none. luckily, i had some lovely friends come over to help me eat it all. whiskey sours and desserts and scones and tarts = sunday sugar hangover!

this mandarin tart with mascarpone cream was my favorite thing i made and the most fun! i think because it just came out so pretty…and it was pretty damn easy.

it all started when i bought a bag of mandarin oranges ( i would like to say from the farmers market, but no, they are from trader joes). i was determined to come up with some kind of dessert for them. then, i was watching barefoot contessa the other night and she made these savory tarts using puff pastry. her method was to make a shell without having to use a pan as a mold. i thought this was great idea for a base of a dessert as well.  i also bought some mascarpone cream thinking this could be used…somewhere. what about with whip cream? yep…cream!


puff pastry


whipping cream



mandarins or any fruit you like

fresh mint

roll out your pastry with flour just a bit.

i used a saucer to measure the size of my tart. cut around the saucer.

score a circle around the edge of the pastry (i did 1/2 inch). do not go to the bottom as it will cut through and separate the pastry.

inside the score line, using a fork, puncture the pastry so it does not puff up during baking. (mine still did puff up, but once it was baked i used the back of a spoon to push it down just a bit)

bake the pastry at 375 until golden brown.

next make your cream. whip some whipping cream (1/2 cup) with about 2 tbsp of sugar (powdered or white) and 1tsp vanilla.

once the cream is whip cream add the mascarpone cream. i used 1/2 the container (i also only made 2 tarts, but still had leftover cream!)

next, peel your mandarins. using a serrated knife, cut in-between the white membrane of the fruit. this will make nice little pretty pieces. you can cut the sides off as well to get rid of all the membrane, but thats your call. mandarins are so small, i left mine on.

once the pastry has cooked, let it cool.

fill the inside with the cream smoothing it out to the edges and making a flat top.

place your mandarins in a pattern you desire around the tart. top with mint!

the mint was a great touch and i think adding some more is not a bad idea! also, maybe a drizzle of honey for some shine and more sweetness!