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 In honor of my friend Kristen over at Glitter and Glue, I glittered it up on this holiday DIY! A little festive project I thought of while grooming the craft store.  I am not much of a holiday decorator, nor have I ever been. However, this project is kind of festive and not necessarily screaming Christmas. Clark Griswald might be a bit disappointed with my holiday cheer, but hey, I’m trying!

What you need:

styrofoam balls (different sizes)

glitter glue

glitter (i love the Martha Stewart colors at Michaels!)

toothpicks or wood skewers

paint  brush for the glue

paper and bowls for a mess

1. Stick the skewer into the bottom of a ball.

2. Cover the ball with the glitter glue.

3. Shake the glitter all over the ball over a bowl or some paper! The glitter gets messy, clearly! Let the glitter pop dry in a container upright.

4. Cut the skewers to different sizes if you like and arrange them in a vase or container. I used an old milk glass and a mason jar. There are countless ideas of what you could do with these pops!