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IMG_1283this post is so long overdue…like so long. i finally got my hands on the photos from my going away party in LA. although, for some reason, it still doesn’t feel like goodbye. it could be because i am about to visit twice in the next few months. needless, to say i am so excited to go back and see my old friends, to be in the big cities, to eat at yummy restaurants,to go for a hike, to feel the california sunshine, to just see how it feels to be back in LA. i feel like i have grown a lot already in these few months i have been gone. that was the whole point. it will be nice to see how it feels to be back.

i miss my weird, crazy, creative LA friends. i am so in love with them. when i looked at these photos my heart was filled with so much love and so many memories. i saw my friends in a new light and appreciate their friendships more than ever, because i don’t have them at a moments notice anymore. the reality is, i spend the majority of my time alone here in CO. i took moments like this for granted while i was there. that might be one of the biggest lessons i have learned so far.

kate and stacy, two of the bestest, put this party together. they did the decorations and photo booth and coordinated others to bring fun stuff too! i love the map theme they used. perfect, for my adventure, and my love for maps. the signs are hilarious.  i actually do have a sense of humor, regardless of my sincerity on the blog… and man, so do my friends. we are silly and weird and well, i wouldn’t have it any other way. these photos were just a reminder to be more of that.

 the book everyone signed is one of the best gifts i have ever gotten (besides the purple chest my friends signed for me when i moved from indiana in high school).i didn’t read it until i was out of LA in the middle of Utah somewhere, and  i cried my eyes out. sometimes, i cant read it, because it makes me miss everyone so much. all their words made me feel more than loved. all their words mean more to me than i can describe.

i miss you my friends. i will see you soon!

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before i became a blogger, before i was a Facebook addict, and cable addict,  back in the time of friendster and myspace…i was a music junkie. i spent hours searching the internet for new music, listening to that music, getting lost in that music, and stalking concerts. that music was my comfort, my “boyfriend”, my best friend. it gave me something to escape into, identify with, and something to always make me feel good.  i don’t spend as much time searching anymore. i still obsessively play a song over and over, but those songs are intermittency replaced with NPR or the satellite folk rock channel on my tv. i guess, i am getting kind of old.

over the past few days i have been listening to old playlists of my favorites as i am packing up my memories of LA.  these songs seem to be the only thing to get me emotional about this change, otherwise it just feels like i might be moving down the street. nothing seems real yet.  i know, when i am in my new house, i will ask myself “what the fuck did i just do”. i just hope that is a brief moment! fingers crossed. and don’t worry, you will be sure to hear about it all over the next few months. it will be interesting to see what kind of blog posts come out of this move!

these songs take me back to the different era’s within the last ten years. remembering everything good about my life, everything and everyone I love here! music has always easily transported me back to a certain time, place, person, feeling. sometimes so…a little too much.

i always had the intention to do more music posts on the blog…it just got pushed aside by food posts! maybe this post will inspire me to do more of that, or perhaps, it is just a way to have a playlist to listen to when i want to transport myself back to LA, my friends, my memories. the songs are in the general order according to date of obsession from 2002-2012. it is certainly not a ten song playlist, more like an epic two disc soundtrack…the soundtrack of my life.

donna g- most of these songs go out to you!

click on the blue link to listen to the tunes on spotify

2002-2012 farewell LA

1. yo la tengo- today is the day
2. mojave 3- between the bars
3.blur- out of time
4.broken social scene- cause=time
5. gorillaz- DARE
6.neil halstead- martha's mantra
7.the magnetic fields-smoke and mirrors power- crossbones style of horses- our swords
10.french kicks- trial of the century
11. andrew bird- fake palindromes
12. billy bragg/wilco- california stars
13. beach house- tokyo witch
14.kings of convenience-  misread
15. matt pond PA- new hampshire
16. feist- how my heart behaves
17.daft punk- make love
18. my morning jacket- wordless chorus
19.dead meadow- at her open door
20. brightblack morning light- amber canyon magic
21. tortoise & bonnie prince billy- love is love
22. midlake- we gathered in spring
23.beirut- postcards from italy
24. black mountain- no hits
25.benoit pioulard- corpus chant
26. beach house- 10 mile stereo
27.jens lekman- pocketful of money
28. my morning jacket- golden
29. the notwist- consequence
30.bon iver- re:stacks
31.tapes n tapes-in houston
32.vetiver-luna see
33.electrelance- to the east
34.sun kil moon- truckers atlas
35.neko case- hold on hold on
36.neil young-hey babe
37.yeasayer- 2080
38. whiskeytown- jackson skyline
39.the middle east- blood
40. mount erie- between two mysteries
41.neutral milk hotel-king of carrot flowers pt 1
42.junip-dont let it pass
43. grouper-heavy water
44.lightning dust- antonia june
45.phosphorescent- wolves
46.cocorosie-smokey taboo
47. warpaint-warpaint
48.kurt vile- peeping tomboy
49. the lord dog bird-the gift of song in the lions den
50.local natives-warning sign
51.the antlers-i don't want love
52.rihanna and drake-whats my name
53.ray lamontagne- i still care for you
54.bahamas- southern drawl
55.others lives-tamer animals
56. karen dalton
57.jonathon wilson-desert raven