shrimp with feta, zucchini, quinoa, and lemon

well, folks…i found a little bit of cooking inspiration.  maybe it was the shoveling of food into my mouth in florida that did the trick or that i let myself watch some of the food network. (i had been limiting myself as it makes me want to eat, like all the time). i came homeContinue reading “shrimp with feta, zucchini, quinoa, and lemon”


i have become obsessed with juicing.  i have been juicing for breakfast and often lunch and a light dinner. due to the massive amount of media i have been watching based on diet, i am now questioning my intake of meat and cheese again. i watched forks over knives last night and am ready toContinue reading “juice…in”

oh, healthy day!

it is monday. time to start eating all healthy and stuff again after the weekend. although, i have no plan this week yet, except, i want to make bread and pastries and tacos and everything else with butter, flour, or sugar. maybe this post will reinspire me to try some gluten free recipes again. iContinue reading “oh, healthy day!”