tips for growing herbs

i have been growing herbs for a few years now, and though i am no expert, i find these tips to be helpful.  living in southern california, i could grow herbs year round and it was luxurious! here in colorado, i have been growing them inside for a few months, but have had a fewContinue reading “tips for growing herbs”

eat: grapefruit and rosemary almond cake

first off, i have to admit that i am listening to Beyonce while typing this, which is pretty much out of character for me. did anybody else watch her documentary on HBO this past weekend? i had to try out one of her albums, which is a first for me, besides her radio hits. iContinue reading “eat: grapefruit and rosemary almond cake”

drying garden herbs

it is getting to be that time of year when the garden will slowly start fading away.  even if living in socal gives us year round gardens, the summer garden is the most exciting for me!  i am sad to see her go soon, she gave me such smiles and warmth on a daily basis.Continue reading “drying garden herbs”

Bacon and Eggs Summer Salad

i am off to colorado today. wylie and i are doing the drive in two days. i am really looking forward to jamming out to some tunes and the scenery along I-70.  gonna be a good trip…i can feel it! so, many fun things happened this past week. went to see a nutritionist whom kickedContinue reading “Bacon and Eggs Summer Salad”

basil and mint chocolate chip cookies

the other day i had somehow eaten chocolate and basil at the same time and it tasted pretty yummy! so, i thought what about putting basil in chocolate chip cookies? of course, when i went to actually make the cookies, my basil plant was looking a bit weak and i didn’t have enough basil forContinue reading “basil and mint chocolate chip cookies”