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Life is ever changing. People come and they go.  Needless to say, I can sometimes have a hard time with that.  My old roommate once told me that I keep my friends. And I do, to the best of my ability.  Last night was a true testament of that for me.  I hosted a little holiday party.  Throughout the night I looked at the people around me and the majority were old friends. Friends whom I have had since those first few years in Hollywood when we are all trying to get our foot in the door, girlfriends whom are like sisters to me, old roommates, people whom inspire me, make me laugh, and whom are just damn good people.  New friends as well, who feel like old friends.  It warmed my heart immensely.  I may not get to see some of these people all the time, or talk to them often, but there they are. The memories are there and the opportunity to make new ones.  It was a pleasure to be amongst my eclectic group of friends  knowing each and every one is dear to me.

It’s true, I am uber sentimental.  But on to the decorations for the party! I got so busy talking and enjoying my lovely friends I forgot to take pictures of the people, but here are the pictures of the holiday table and the menu.

The start of the set up. I used brown paper for packaging as a tablecloth and labeled all the dishes on the paper itself.  Mason jars for drinks! I also recently bought some liquor decanters from the thrift store to go with a silver tray from ikea. I love the idea of having your liquor displayed in pretty glass ready for you to pour a drink at a moments notice!

Got the idea for these tinsel skewers at OdessaMaySociety!

Setting up for the fire! Found piñon wood and it smelled oh, sooo good!

Crudités and buttermilk dip from Martha!

This was my favorite part! Laying the cheese platter directly onto the paper with the labels.

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cookies via Poppytalk and Glittering Almond Cookies via thepurlbee.

Some red velvet whoopie pies via Paula Deen in the background! I had a thought while I was eating one for lunch today to add peppermint extract to the cake! It is Christmas after all.

The full menu displayed! Below are links for the other recipes!

Artichoke Dip

Fennel and Parmesan dip

Sopressata puff pastry

Chipotle and Rosemary Nuts

Spicy Ginger Man

I would say the party was a success! Everyone was full of compliments and super into the food! My favorite was the puff pastry and the artichoke dip. I wish I had leftovers right now! Thank you to all for coming over and sharing an evening with me!

If you live in LA and you haven’t been to Rolling Greens yet, you are missing out. Both locations are worth a visit. At a recent trip to the WeHo store I got a lot of fun holiday ideas.  Yarn balls, something like snow balls, was one of them.  Their display, pictured above, isn’t necessarily a holiday display, but charming all together.

 All you need is yarn, obviously I choose white and cream for the winter effect…and I threw a few twine balls in as well. Find a jar or glass container or maybe even a bowl to display these little guys in. Super easy project and I think its super sweet.  You could also use them as a present topper!


 In honor of my friend Kristen over at Glitter and Glue, I glittered it up on this holiday DIY! A little festive project I thought of while grooming the craft store.  I am not much of a holiday decorator, nor have I ever been. However, this project is kind of festive and not necessarily screaming Christmas. Clark Griswald might be a bit disappointed with my holiday cheer, but hey, I’m trying!

What you need:

styrofoam balls (different sizes)

glitter glue

glitter (i love the Martha Stewart colors at Michaels!)

toothpicks or wood skewers

paint  brush for the glue

paper and bowls for a mess

1. Stick the skewer into the bottom of a ball.

2. Cover the ball with the glitter glue.

3. Shake the glitter all over the ball over a bowl or some paper! The glitter gets messy, clearly! Let the glitter pop dry in a container upright.

4. Cut the skewers to different sizes if you like and arrange them in a vase or container. I used an old milk glass and a mason jar. There are countless ideas of what you could do with these pops!