Fire.friends.cocktails… and food!

Life is ever changing. People come and they go.  Needless to say, I can sometimes have a hard time with that.  My old roommate once told me that I keep my friends. And I do, to the best of my ability.  Last night was a true testament of that for me.  I hosted a littleContinue reading “Fire.friends.cocktails… and food!”


Holiday decor Part 2: yarn balls!

If you live in LA and you haven’t been to Rolling Greens yet, you are missing out. Both locations are worth a visit. At a recent trip to the WeHo store I got a lot of fun holiday ideas.  Yarn balls, something like snow balls, was one of them.  Their display, pictured above, isn’t necessarilyContinue reading “Holiday decor Part 2: yarn balls!”

Holiday decor: glitter pops!

 In honor of my friend Kristen over at Glitter and Glue, I glittered it up on this holiday DIY! A little festive project I thought of while grooming the craft store.  I am not much of a holiday decorator, nor have I ever been. However, this project is kind of festive and not necessarily screamingContinue reading “Holiday decor: glitter pops!”