Road Trippin: LA- DENVER

I arrived back in LA yesterday from my road trip to Denver. Good lord, is the scenery stunning across this country!! The first day Wylie and I drove from LA to St George, Utah.  We stayed the night at Crescent Moon Inn, which is situated about 15-20 minutes off I-15.  I could not have pickedContinue reading “Road Trippin: LA- DENVER”

somewhere over the… 101

 a few weeks ago, it was super muggy and gloomy here in LA, a rare occasion here in the summer. it felt as if a southern thunderstorm was knocking on the door.  i took wylie for a walk, this time on the other side of the 101, to angelino heights.  here sit a cluster ofContinue reading “somewhere over the… 101”


lately… patchwork craft fair (our booth set up) my lovely/dirty neighborhood work and too many polos my ONE marionberry that turned purple! squash and tomatos those sweet animals that live with me i don’t have a food post for you today. haven’t been cooking that much lately…but busy doing lots of other stuff. although, iContinue reading “lately…”


Remember the days when you would go to Walgreens to pick up your photos and you would sit in your car to look through them before leaving the parking lot? Well, this isn’t the same thing…but at least you can print your instagram photos! You can make stickers, tiny books, mini books, a poster, orContinue reading “instagram…printstagram”