LA: walking tour

during my trip in LA, i stayed in hollywood with my friends sean and kate. they live in the hollywood tower ( hollywood tower of terror at disney is modeled after this building). my dearest stacy and allan live across the street. one morning, i met stacy on the corner of franklin and argyle andContinue reading “LA: walking tour”

2002-2012 farewell LA: tens years of tunes

before i became a blogger, before i was a Facebook addict, and cable addict,  back in the time of friendster and myspace…i was a music junkie. i spent hours searching the internet for new music, listening to that music, getting lost in that music, and stalking concerts. that music was my comfort, my “boyfriend”, myContinue reading “2002-2012 farewell LA: tens years of tunes”

LA beach days

more often than not, i forget i live on the pacific ocean. i am literally 15 miles from the nearest beach and frankly,that is just crazy to me. traffic and city life often keep me from getting there. maybe i make it once or twice a year…maybe a few times for work too. a fewContinue reading “LA beach days”

somewhere over the… 101

 a few weeks ago, it was super muggy and gloomy here in LA, a rare occasion here in the summer. it felt as if a southern thunderstorm was knocking on the door.  i took wylie for a walk, this time on the other side of the 101, to angelino heights.  here sit a cluster ofContinue reading “somewhere over the… 101”

this land of angels

i have done quite a few posts of what is outside my backdoor, but this is what is outside my front door. LA! most people imagine beverly hills, beach babes, and celebrities…i would say it is quite the contrary. and as much as i can bitch about living here, there are a lot of thingsContinue reading “this land of angels”