farewell:my colorado adventure

the past 9 months i have lived on one of the recommended scenic byways in colorado. a river flows through my backyard and i am surrounded by horses. i can walk onto the original dirt road to estes park and did almost daily. every time single time i have walked out my front door iContinue reading “farewell:my colorado adventure”

my own private colorado

  sooooooooo… i did it. i signed a lease in colorado, and this is my new home. i am excited, nervous, confused, sentimental, and excited all over again. how did i get to this place?, i have now been asking myself. it has finally hit me what all this drive, complaining, and contemplation has done…itContinue reading “my own private colorado”

the dearest beast

remember when i did that post a while back, things i am afraid to tell you?  i am pretty sure i have been masking my true feelings on the blog once again and it makes me feel like a fake.  i have been so busy this summer, it was hard to stop and think, however,Continue reading “the dearest beast”

gf blueberry lemon ricotta muffins…with a little ranting on top

let me just take this opportunity on a food post to rant. life sure is funny…isn’t it? about a month ago i decided that i was really ready to leave LA.  i clearly hinted around to it on the blog, but i never wanted to come out and actually say it until i was completelyContinue reading “gf blueberry lemon ricotta muffins…with a little ranting on top”

Mandarin Tart with Mascarpone Whipped Cream

let me start by saying i consumed way too much sugar this weekend. see, i can’t just make one thing at a time for the blog. i have to do like 4 things at once. i never have just one idea, i have a million or none. luckily, i had some lovely friends come overContinue reading “Mandarin Tart with Mascarpone Whipped Cream”