teenage angst…the soundtrack of “1993”

well, my sisters might hate me for this picture, but i couldn’t help myself. look at all that sleeve. seems to be all about my siblings this week. i must be missing my fam! i caught the end of marie antoinette on cable the other night. i got stuck on ‘all the cats are grey’Continue reading “teenage angst…the soundtrack of “1993””

the snow falls

the snow falls a  little playlist from some of my favorite songs that are currently on repeat. the snow is suppose to start falling this afternoon and continue until tomorrow. generally, the forecasters around here can’t make up their minds, but coming from LA, where the weather people just needed to look pretty, they haveContinue reading “the snow falls”

last minute christmas gift ideas

i didn’t want to leave the blog so gloomy over christmas, but it turns out to be another gloomy day. my aunt ellen passed away this morning after struggling the last few months with an aggressive form of brain cancer.  i dedicate this post to you aunt ellen. ellen was a happy, beautiful, and lovableContinue reading “last minute christmas gift ideas”

2002-2012 farewell LA: tens years of tunes

before i became a blogger, before i was a Facebook addict, and cable addict,  back in the time of friendster and myspace…i was a music junkie. i spent hours searching the internet for new music, listening to that music, getting lost in that music, and stalking concerts. that music was my comfort, my “boyfriend”, myContinue reading “2002-2012 farewell LA: tens years of tunes”