Pecan Pancakes Drizzled with Raw Honey

i have been trying, trying, to strictly stick to “healthy”eating…meaning cutting out gluten, dairy, and sugar. well, honestly, i do this as much as possible. i just can’t seem to fully give everything up. man, it’s hard work. for the most part, i should get a B+, for effort and following through.   this weekendContinue reading “Pecan Pancakes Drizzled with Raw Honey”

oh, healthy day!

it is monday. time to start eating all healthy and stuff again after the weekend. although, i have no plan this week yet, except, i want to make bread and pastries and tacos and everything else with butter, flour, or sugar. maybe this post will reinspire me to try some gluten free recipes again. iContinue reading “oh, healthy day!”