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yesterday, was the first day of spring. over the last few weeks patches of green grass have been popping up outside my front door. i am so excited to watch the rest of spring blossom.

in honor of this transitional time of year, a sun and glory sale is taking place!

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PicMonkey Collage


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new items were upload to the SHOP today!

20% off on items over at the etsy shop! use the coupon code christmaslove starting today, december 12-19 only!

(this sale only pertains to items on the etsy shop, not the regular shop! thank you!)

i am soooo pleased to announce the bohemian collective winter 2012 look book, mystic moon! laura,was so kind to ask me  a few months ago if i was interested in joining all these amazing artists to create a truly collective piece of work… and i of course jumped on it! the lookbook launched a few days ago, but since i have been in the car for two days and am now siting in a hotel room waiting to move in to my new home in CO, i haven’t had a chance to share it until now…and it has been killing me! please jump over and check out the beautiful photos, styling, and all the inspirational pieces available for us all. a sun and glory belt can be seen above on the cover! laura, makes it look stunning!

i am truly inspired to start making bigger and better pieces…i can’t wait to get settled in and get to work. more to come on the move. only a few minor freak outs!

the bohemian collective winter 2012 lookbook

this past weekend we did our last craft fair, renegade.  i have to say this may have been my favorite of all of them.  maybe because my expectations were low…maybe because i was glad it was the last one…maybe because it was outside.  the shoppers were full of compliments and it was just all around a fun day, not to mention how much i love eating at all the food trucks!  the co-founder of renegade, susie, even came to our booth with her husband and bought some stuff from marianne and sean and she bought one of my driftwood pieces. we talked about the midwest and escaping the city life.  always a compliment when the people that run the show notice your stuff and take the time to chat.

each show has been different. at unique LA people bought the earrings, at patchwork people bought nothing, at renegade people were really into the necklaces and my little trinket art. the last photo is of a custom order i did for a customer from unique LA…and i got another one off of that at renegade! marianne and i finally did a trade and i scored an awesome terrarium (pictured above) and some sweet air plants, like one of those really big babies!

next week, i am off to colorado for “research” on my next move in life. i have a photo shoot planned for the necklaces while i am there and am super excited! stay tuned!

i am back from my road trip! and it was such a pleasure.   now, that i am back…it is back to business. i have so much to do…cleaning, organizing, gardening, juicing, and all sorts of prep work for UNIQUE LA in may! i have so many ideas swimming around, i can hardly stand it.

but first, i want to decorate with all the new gadgets i found while thrifting on my journey. priorities first, my friends.

my dear friend, sarah glass, took me to my first thrift store in high school back in Alabama…and i haven’t stopped since. i get such joy when i find treasures, as though i just won a gold medal.  there is a value village by my brothers house in olympia that i score at every time! i hit a bunch in oregon on the way back to LA. i just couldn’t stop myself. it might be a bit of a problem. i use to sell the vintage stuff i would find on etsy, but i have slowed that down and have been hoarding it for myself. however,  now that i have come home with so many new treasures, it might be time to purge…i have no room left in my house. yikes!!! (it’s not that bad…i just have no storage to hide things)

here are a few photos of the gems i scored!  the first photo is a bunch of branches i found in my brothers backyard and sea rocks i found on the coast in oregon…both awaiting projects! the things i find in nature always trump anything i could have bought! it is pure satisfaction.

ok, maybe i went overboard…but i scored some great baking pieces, an espresso maker, a tea kettle…all things i would want to pay full price for, but didn’t! i think my favorite things are the sears cooker/fryer that i will probably never use and the carpet tapestry everything is sitting on!

more posts to come  about the road trip!

marrakech, morocco.

continuing on with the nostalgia of my trip last year. i posted about morocco when i first started the blog…but i wanted to revisit it! a place like no other i have been. the prayers, the colors, the shopping, the pastries, the tourist traps, and those arches…those decorative moroccan arches. sometimes when i walk into world market or pier 1 i get a little sad. i am pretty sure i don’t need to explain that one. if you ever get the chance to go… i wouldn’t pass it up! feels like a dream that i was ever even there, hearing the daily prayers and watching the mopeds and donkeys stroll by. my only regret is i didn’t buy enough or stay long enough!

In March, I had the opportunity to go to Marrakech, Morocco!  The streets are filled with mopeds, donkeys, car fumes, shopping, street pastries, color, arabic conversations, the sound of Muslim prayers and this is not even mentioning what happens in the plaza.  By far one of the best places I have ever been.  The shopping is overwhelming and after coming back to the States and doing some research, actually quite affordable for what you can get here for the same stuff…that is if you barter right!  So, if you are looking for a shopping kind of vacation…hit Marrakech! Bring your wallet, your negotiating skills, and an extra bag or two for the flight home!