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IMG_5845 it is snowing today here in my wilderness escape. a lot. i was excited and prepared for the snow on thursday, which was nothing compared to the snow we are getting now . i am sure the rest of the population in the area isn’t as in much awe as me, but i couldn’t believe how much snow there actually was until i started walking in it an hour ago.

i admit i have been encountered a bit of the blues. literally, seconds after i blasted out the new lookbook and shop product, i started feeling down. i have been so focused and so busy the past few weeks, almost month, that once i was finished with the whole thing, i didn’t know what to do with myself and frankly, i still don’t. i have been a lazy bum all weekend and probably will be the rest of the day. i am missing my friends and family more than i can describe right now. it’s times like these i am ready to run back to LA or Portland or Chicago or  anywhere where i feel i fit in.

but… then there is this beautiful winter wonderland outside my front door today. how can i not stop and appreciate it? when it snowed on thursday, i took wylie boy for a walk around the hood. (there are a few photos at the end of the post from instagram- you can also see the difference in the amount of snow from today.) he made a friend with one of the horses at the ranch. it was possibly one of the sweetest things i have ever witnessed. the horse stuck his head out and wylie went in for a sniff. he practically started dancing in circles. it made my heart melt and the next day the snow did too. the thing about colorado is it can snow one day and the next it is 50 degrees and sunny. it was melting off the house by friday afternoon as if it were raining. last night it started snowing again and it hasn’t stopped since. seems it will continue the rest of the day. it is always in the moments when i walk around the property that i get rejuvenated about this adventure i am in. wylie boy had a blast running around and i started to see the bigger picture again, just from a simple walk in the snow. i only wish, i was sharing it with someone.

i love how white the light is inside the house.i love how much wylie loves running around in it. i love the way it neatly piles up on a banister or a lawn chair. i love how it can give you the excuse to be completely lazy.  i love the silence outside.

i wish i could record the sound of snow. it is so peaceful.

IMG_5801 IMG_5830 PicMonkey Collage3 IMG_5831 PicMonkey Collage2 IMG_5852 IMG_5861 IMG_5865 IMG_5867 PicMonkey Collage IMG_5884 IMG_5894 PicMonkey Collage4 PicMonkey Collage5 photo 5


the snow falls

a  little playlist from some of my favorite songs that are currently on repeat. the snow is suppose to start falling this afternoon and continue until tomorrow. generally, the forecasters around here can’t make up their minds, but coming from LA, where the weather people just needed to look pretty, they have a larger task at hand. from time to time i really miss LA (just a side fact and probably a post to come), but i admit i am looking forward to getting snowed in. it’s all part of this extraordinary experience. you see, i can’t get out of my driveway if there is like more than 1 inch of snow. my dad claims i can’t drive in the snow, which might be true, regardless, i will head out today to stock up on supplies in case the next few days wylie and i must hibernate in the neighborhood. i have been working hard on the shop update, it seems there are never enough hours in a day. i have surrendered that it won’t be done until the end of the week. i can’t wait to release it! i have plenty to keep my busy in what feels to me like it will be a blizzard, but to the locals -reality.

jenny o…automechanic

the ruby suns…closet astrologer

lucius…don’t just sit there

corey chisel and the wandering sons…fixing a hole

icona pop…i love it

gregory alan isakov…idaho

gregory alan isakov…light year

gregory alan isakov…master and a hound

kaki king…my nerves that committed suicide

kaki king…spit in back of my mouth

jonathon wilson…tomorrow’s child

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